t it is not the ancestor of the Zhang family, but the benefactor of the Zhang family. It is said that he had a kindness to the Zhang family, so he set up the golden body and invited it to the ancestral hall. The descendants of the Zhang family have kept the incense and worship it for generations.

Zhang Jian’s eyes were extremely solemn at this time, and there was some hope in his eyes. He had discovered very early that there seemed to be a chance of getting feedback if he sacrificed this ‘ancestor’ under certain conditions.
He had received feedback seven or eight times before, but the most precious three were a spoonful of golden luck, a golden gold ingot of luck, and a golden bead of luck.
This luck was mysterious and unusual, but it allowed him to pass both the government examination and the provincial examination in a short period of time, and once he saved the life of an important person.
/Thanks to the benefits, Zhang Jian changed from an ordinary boy to a well-known “filial son”!
/Even in order to establish this persona, he worked hard to create a “filial son” persona.
Loads of cinnabar treasure notes were taken out from the servants’ baskets, and then divided into piles and burned with the help of temple blessing rituals.
Wisps of light bloomed from the brazier in front of me.
In Zhang Jian’s eyes, countless cinnabar treasures in the brazier in front of him turned into ashes, including a cinnabar pagoda he bought from a nearby paper shop.
This is the soul-crushing tower. It is said to be a new product of the paper-making shop.
I also asked a virtuous old Taoist priest to consecrate it.
It can appease the souls of the dead and save the ancestors from suffering.
Very popular.
Zhang Jian watched the treasure notes and the soul-suppressing tower turn into ashes with bright eyes. There was nothing strange about him. He suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and then looked forward to it.
The seed has been planted, now comes the harvest.
And this time he successfully passed the provincial examination and ranked first in the Five Classics, which should be a surprise.
As far as he knew, every time his identity changed drastically, the things he got from worshiping his ancestors would be better.
After everything was completed, Zhang Yi stepped forward.
“Brother Jian, it’s late at night, let us clean this place!”
“Uncle Yi, I leave it to you!”
Zhang Jian nodded slightly. He couldn’t wait to go back. He believed that after he fell asleep, there would be feedback.
Zhang Jian left in a hurry.
Midnight came, outside Zhangjia’ao, at this time, in the darkness in the distance, fire gradually appeared in the mountain wind. A group of people and horses raised dust, and the sound of horse hooves roared. In the rush of night, they were close to the outside of the walled city. , on the city battlements, after the patrolling strong men confirmed the identity of a group of people, they quickly released them!
Chapter 2 Appearance
Inside the Zhang Family Ancestral Hall
As the piles of treasure money turned into blue