ctric light, Zhu Peng rushed into the three-tailed demon cat’s great magical power without hesitation at an incomparable speed and momentum.

Stopping not far from Bai Ling, Zhu Peng controlled the Seal Transformation Technique with both hands to mobilize the true energy veins, and slapped the ground heavily with both hands, echoing the spiritual weapon hidden deep in the ground, Shura.
The bright red blood overflowed and oozed out of Zhu Peng’s body, arms, and pores. Slowly, under the guidance of the true essence, it seeped into the depths of the ground, and with its strong energy and vitality, it aroused the roaring beast underground. A bloodthirsty ‘ferocious beast’.
The three-tailed demon cat also saw that something was wrong, but at this time, it was using its severely injured body to control the great magical power with all its strength. The pressure was so great that it was unimaginable. If something went wrong at this time, the backlash of the magic would be so strong that she could directly Exploded to death.
Taking a deep breath, Zhu Peng’s head was filled with dizziness. At this time, Zhu Peng was drained of energy and blood. His energy was exhausted, his body was exhausted, and his face was as pale as paper. He couldn’t even stand up, let alone take action against the demon cat in front of him. .
However, Yin Hong’s energy and blood had penetrated deep into the ground under the guidance of its true essence, and the technique was completed. Zhu Peng smiled and spoke softly: “Asura, such blood food is right in front of you. Don’t give me face.” , be polite to me, give me, ‘Nibble on it.'”
/The first few words were just a whisper, but the next words were a roar.
After saying that, everything turned upside down.
Originally, under the influence of the demon cat’s great magical power, the land had gradually calmed down and solidified, and condensed into an independent area. The surrounding area began to collapse again due to earthquakes. However, this time, the roaring Shura gourd did not magnetize the sand again. Instead of using soil, he directly used the iron magnetic sand he owned to roar out from the depths of the ground.
Such pure and powerful metal power was not limited by the three-tailed demon cat’s earthly methods at all. It cracked the ground under its feet, and the Shura gourd transformed into countless iron-gray metal skulls. These skulls roared and roared silently, from The killer generals came out from deep underground, then opened their mouths one after another, biting the three-tailed white spirit all over its body.
As mentioned before, the demon cat’s body-protecting true essence shield has long been worn away and exploded. At this time, a large number of skulls, composed of a large amount of pure essence sand, all bit the upper body one after another, using their sharp canine teeth. It penetrated deeply into Bai Ling’s flesh and blood. Within a moment, the body of the mountain-sized demon cat was covered in blood, and its white fur turned into a deep red.
“Meow” screamed shrilly, and