gnoring all the younger brothers, he climbed over the wall and entered the back garden of the East Prince’s Mansion, where he sat quietly in a small pavilion.

He is waiting for someone.
To be precise, wait for the dead warrior assassin from the West Palace.
According to Hu San, the Xiwang family is diligent in the internal affairs of the Xiwang Palace and is well supported by the local people. Their reputation is many times better than that of the Dongwang Palace.
And whether it is from the heart or acting to gain fame, the governance of the Xiwang Mansion can be said to be excellent.
For this kind of person, Lu Bei didn’t want to be too embarrassed. Even if he paid tens of millions, we would still be good friends. But if the Xiwangfu sent someone to assassinate him, the murder would come first, and everything would be different.
Lu Bei fell asleep while sitting.
Dark clouds came to cover the sky, and the huge full moon was not visible. When the wind drove away the clouds, the silver light once again filled the back garden of the East Prince’s Mansion. Dozens of dead soldiers covered their heads and covered their faces, holding knives and surrounding the pavilion by the lake. .
Lu Bei sat at the table with his eyes closed, holding his chin with one hand, breathing steadily, completely unaware of the surrounding situation.
The leading man raised his arm to signal the dead soldiers to stop. He looked intently at the sword placed on the table, took a deep breath, slipped into the shadows, and quickly slid behind Lu Bei.
Buzz! !
The man took one step forward, jumped up from the ground, swallowed the moonlight with the black knife in his hand, roared through the air and slashed at the back of Lu Bei’s neck.
This sword moves smoothly and smoothly, it can be said that it is done in one go, as fast as lightning, and does not give the stabbed a chance to react, which shows that he has rich experience in assassination.
However, Lu Bei’s skin was too thick, and when the blade fell, sparks exploded and bounced up with a clang.
When the attack failed, the man sneaked into the shadows and escaped, returning to the front of the array.
“Why are you here so late? I almost fell asleep.”
Lu Bei stood up slowly, with the knife drawn at his side: “It’s a good thing you guys are here, otherwise, Lu’s conscience would not be justified.”
The leader of the man was in the realm of gods, with a black cloth covering his face, and a pair of cold eyes that were extremely calm. He was most likely a dead man.
/It is easy to find a dead warrior in the Xiantian realm, but it is difficult to find a dead warrior in the divine realm. Cultivating such a dead warrior requires a lot of resources, but it is far less cost-effective than cultivating a disciple with a flexible mind.
The family’s business is as big as the Emperor’s Sect, and the upper limit is the number of dead people in the Xiantian realm. Unless there are special needs, resources will never be wasted in such a place.
Therefore, Lu Bei felt deeply honored to see thi