. They were the leader of the most powerful cultivation group in Earth Star, Kunlun Yu Xuzi, Shushan Sword Master, Demon Sect Cang Tianni, etc., veteran names. To a group of powerful cultivators that cannot be more established.

But now, the number one master in the Earth Star monk world is the unquestionable High Priest Zhu Peng of Blood Soul Ridge, because he is the first person in hundreds of years to break through the blockade between heaven and earth and reach the legendary monk realm, but this is His ability is enough for monks around the world to recognize his power. Except for those who have lost their vested interests such as Kunlun, Shushan, and Yuanshi Demon Sect, Zhu Peng’s reputation as the first cultivator of Earth Star has gradually become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. , relying on the wind and strength, there is no difference at all.
In terms of reputation, there are advantages and disadvantages to raising Blood Soul Ridge to such a high level, but even if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, Zhu Peng could only hold his nose and admit it, because the two Taoist and magic scriptures that appeared in his mind certainly made him He took all the limelight and brought Blood Soul Ridge to the cusp of irreversible limelight. However, the value of these two scriptures is enough for the strong men in the higher immortal realm to go crazy and the rubes in the earth and star monk world. Break your head.
Zhu Pengan is sitting at home, blessing comes from heaven, what else can he complain about?
/Since the last retreat, after burying the fear in his heart, Zhu Peng relied on his own understanding of “The Remaining Manual of the Infinite Qi Sea Innate Kung Fu” and integrated what he had learned, directly pushing his cultivation to the peak of breaking through the foundation and completing the soaring cultivation. For the point. It has been two months since then. The news of Zhu Peng’s breakthrough to the Soaring Sky Realm has spread throughout the Earth Star monk community, but the impact it has on the Blood Soul Ridge is no less than that of the outside world.
Fortunately, Zhu Peng is already the powerful high priest of the Blood Soul Ridge. His position is stable and unshakable. At the same time, he cannot be promoted or rewarded. Therefore, after the enthusiasm of the Blood Soul cultivators gradually cooled down, the Blood Soul cultivators gradually cooled down. The ridge is still prosperous and stable, and there are no sensitive issues involving senior monks that affect administrative operations.
/In the study room, while caressing the two fragments of exercises written by himself, Zhu Peng said to Bai Ling in a strange manner: “Ling’er, it seems that we have really discovered something remarkable this time. A copy of “The Sunflower Demon” “Gong” is enough to cause a bloody storm, coupled with a volume of “Infinite Innateness” that is especially valuable, if these things are spread out, let alone my Blood Soul Ridge, all the monks of the Earth Star will gather together, I’m afraid I’ll