plained the greatness of this treasure box in disguise, and then Following the girl’s words, Zhu Peng also understood more clearly the value of the treasure box in his hand.

Chapter 084 Overflowing, White Tiger Pill Evil
/Because of his knowledge and reading ability, Zhu Peng had heard of these two items, the agarwood and the elixir box. However, because these are special products of the earth, Zhu Peng had never seen them again after 2012. real thing.
The elixir nourishing box, elixir nourishing, nourishing elixir, as the name suggests, is a box that nourishes elixirs. Good elixirs can be placed in it and remain intact for hundreds of years. It even has the effect of silencing the medicinal properties and strengthening the potency over time. Agarwood is the main material used to make elixir-raising boxes. The exquisite wooden box with a white tiger relief in Zhu Peng’s hand is an elixir-raising box made of precious agarwood.
With his mind flowing and Su Yu’s concentration, Zhu Peng slowly opened the wooden box in his hand. The next moment, an extremely violent and terrifying roar was heard between Zhu Peng and Su Yu. , exploded like thunder.
At the same time, an extremely thick and heavy white elixir energy emerged from the box. It floated out but did not disperse at all and condensed into substance. In front of Zhu Peng and Su Yu, it condensed into a white-skinned and black-striped creature. The majestic giant tiger roars with force, baring its teeth and claws.
He even directly opened his bloody mouth and jumped at Zhu Peng who opened the treasure box. The ferocity displayed at that moment was as if the white tiger from heaven had really come to the world, and his aura was extremely ferocious.
“Roar” The huge and vigorous roar collided with the white tiger’s majesty. Faced with the sudden and terrible crisis, Zhu Peng instantly exerted his strength. With a roar, all his true energy, muscles, bones, flesh, and even energy and mind were all in an instant. Unify and unify.
/Zhu Peng’s whole body was instantly raised several feet, turning into a small steel man made of refined iron muscles, standing directly opposite the ferocious white tiger and fierce wind.
This white tiger that suddenly emerged from the wooden box was so real and terrifying. The ferocious pressure it brought was almost real. It was so overwhelming that Zhu Peng had to use all his strength to fight against it, not to mention the whole body. The Qi Meridian Skill he cultivated, and even the Purple Soul Heavenly Eyes of True Spirit Bloodline were instantly stimulated by Zhu Peng.
I saw the Purple Soul Meteor in Zhu Peng’s red eyes spinning rapidly. Normally, the Purple Soul Meteor should be in a static state. Only when it is running at full strength and facing a strong enemy, it will rotate with all its strength. However, since Zhu Peng opened his eyes, he has always encountered dangerous difficulties that are extremely terrifying compared to his own strength, so once his Purple Soul Meteor appears, it will basically spin at a high speed like c