have been broken, and all the great realms he has penetrated have been cultivated to the end. Now that he has set foot in the alien realm, he has shown an extremely terrifying power.

During the tribulation, Wang Xuan still had the energy to deal with these auspicious signs and bad luck.
Then, the sky was filled with golden clouds, surging around him. He seemed to be standing at the center of the entire extraordinary universe, shining with a holy light, more mundane and holy than gods and Buddhas, shining in all directions.
There is no doubt that after the powerful and dazzling massive golden clouds appeared, none of them could escape, and were all absorbed by Wang Xuan.
These auspicious signs and wonders, etc., alone are very remarkable and will be praised by others, but he has broken through every major realm, and the auspicious omen that appears is obviously excessive.
In the depths of hell, after many changes of auspicious colors and fierce lights, Wang Xuan finally began to overcome the disaster with peace of mind. He did not dare to be careless. The thunder and lightning became more and more powerful, and even he could not take it lightly.
Wang Xuan’s parietal bone and soul were both glowing, reflecting each other. In the terrifying lightning, the two were tempered thousands of times, and the mark of the Yudao Source Pool appeared and shone in the spirit and body at the same time.
He has stood firm at the alien level, and this kind of imperial transformation is too profound, far beyond others. Those textures spread violently, covering the end of the spiritual realm, everywhere.
Wang Xuan felt that if someone was only one or two small realms higher than him, there would be no need to hit him at all. He could grab him by the neck and crush him directly.
The dense texture of Yudao flowed and intertwined from his soul to his physical body, like a perfect closed loop, no longer just involving the body like in the past.
“This is decent. After all, Lu Po, Wei Luo, Qing Niu and others have high-level alien bodies. If I don’t improve, how can I be their leader?”
Wang Xuan thought that when his Taoism accumulated to a certain level, he could talk to their high-level alien bodies and get closer to them.
It’s definitely not possible now. After all, those old monsters who came out of the Jedi, and the top alien bodies are all preparing to become saints again.
Soon, his expression changed and he began to concentrate, because the alien catastrophe was extremely terrifying, and for many people it was equivalent to a death catastrophe.
“You really look like you’re going to kill me.”
During that calamity, he was actually performing regular spells. The calamity turned into a sword wheel and crashed down. It looked like he was going to fight him and completely destroy him.
“Looking through the scriptures, from the age of the gods, to the dynasty of giant beasts, to the years of the rule of the saints, I have understood many lost secrets. Can you compete with me differently?”
/Wang Xuan said to himself, he really wan