hose What do the people who participated in the art exhibition think? Especially the gallery owner, who has a very vicious view.” “

hose What do the people who participated in the art exhibition think? Especially the gallery owner, who has a very vicious view.” ”
/I haven’t been with you all the time, how can I know what they think.” The girl curled her lips and complained, but found that Han Xuan seemed to like these paintings. , and then he breathed a sigh of relief. He saw more than a dozen white round stickers on the wall, and asked like a curious baby: “What are these for?”
“I don’t know, maybe I fell in love with these paintings.” He added
as he spoke There was a couple who posted a picture on the wall. They were well-dressed and stared at the oil painting with Pooh. They seemed to be quite happy and chatted in low voices.
Han Xuan approached them with a bright smile on his face: “Sorry to bother you, but what are those for?” ”
This?” The middle-aged woman who spoke had a darker complexion, but she was not a pure black person. Her elders may be black and white. Mixed race.
She looked at the boy: “There is a number written on it, which means we want to buy it. We will go to the reception room later and register the purchase price we can pay. When the exhibition is over, the organizer will contact the person with the highest price. It’s like an auction.”
“So do you like these paintings?” After hearing what she said, Anya looked up and asked, looking a little nervous.
The couple were surprised when they saw her pupils. The man was stunned for a moment and smiled politely: “You have beautiful eyes, girl.” ”
Yes!” The woman squatted down, holding her knees with both hands, and looked towards
Anya ‘s eyes: “It looks like amethyst. I really envy your good luck.”
“I like it very much. Although I don’t know who the author is, it probably wasn’t painted by Ms. Cecilia. The style is too different.” The young man said: “I opened a small gallery in Sacramento, the capital of California. I believe many people will like them. The style is so unique.”
Han Xuan turned to the girl and winked, silently congratulating her.
Anya smiled back, showing a mouth full of neat white teeth: “Thank you for the compliment.”
After saying that, she took Han Xuan and ran away, leaving the confused couple behind. They looked at each other and shrugged, and continued to look for excellent works.
It was close to lunch time, and Han Xuan and the girl had something to eat at the long table. The exhibition hall was not big, and they had almost finished seeing what they should see.
Han Xuan has no intention of buying Anya’s paintings. She doesn’t have many works now. Only by ensuring that enough works are sold on the market can she increase her popularity.
Although Han Xuan didn’t know much about the inside, he thought it was similar to antiques, which needed someone to hype them up, and those who bought the paintings would naturally find ways to increase the price of the oil paintings in their hands.
When chatting with Mrs. Cecilia, she said that she would like her daughter to join the same gallery as her. As one of the top five galleries in the