he fairy world. Bless.

He vaguely saw the emperor who ruled the human world, solemn and solemn, ascending to the Temple of Heaven, worshiping his ancestors and ascended immortals amidst Nuo dances and ancient songs, surrounded by incense.
His memory about Kunlun revived some short scenes.
But the next moment, the fairy rain fell, and the fairy spirit was misty, replacing the incense.
Xu Ying looked in the fairy rain and saw that the huge furnace tripods were smashed, the legs of the tripods were cut off, and there were blood marks on them. Some of the cauldrons still contain human bones, which are extremely mutilated.
The statues of Green Dragon, White Tiger, Suzaku and Xuanwu were also cut off, dismembered, and their limbs were scattered.
He looked down and saw that he had crushed a bone. The bones have been eroded by time and have become fragile and brittle, but there are still traces of wonderful bird seal and insect inscriptions on the bones, indicating that the person who died here was an extremely powerful being.
/They are the undead people of Kunlun.
“What exactly happened here? Who destroyed the ancestral land of China?”
Xu Ying felt angry and confused in his heart, but he didn’t know who to take revenge on.
Xu Fu climbed onto the destroyed Temple of Heaven and roared loudly.
He blossomed his cultivation, no longer suppressing his own destiny, letting the number of tribulations connect the heaven and the earth, triggering the way of heaven: “This is the catastrophe of the Qi Refiner! I have practiced hard all my life, exhausted my wisdom, and reached the supreme way, just for today!” Gentlemen, you will witness my ascension!”
Along with the thunder, suddenly the vitality of the heaven and earth violently turbulent, winds and clouds surged, and thunder sprang up.
Xu Ying looked up and saw the calamity clouds forming rapidly, the power of heaven becoming thicker and thicker, and a huge shadow of a god and man could be vaguely seen, as if standing in the sky with incomparable majesty, watching the Yujing City in Kunlun Mountain.
The shadow of the god!
And around the robbery cloud, the phantoms of heavenly artifacts suddenly appeared.
Xu Ying had seen a heavenly tribulation once, when Zhou Qiyun was overcoming the tribulation, but that time Zhou Qiyun deceived Zhou Tian Zhengshen into descending to earth. The majesty of the god was so profound that no one dared to approach the center of the heavenly tribulation.
But this time, Xu Fu survived the tribulation in Kunlun Jade City, allowing him to observe the tribulation up close.
But the next moment, God’s power came down, forcing everyone to retreat.
Xu Ying could still persist, but the heavenly power emanating from Jie Yun was getting thicker and thicker, gradually interfering with his spiritual will, and Xu Ying had to retreat.
Many people have been forced to leave Yujing City and set foot on the Divine Bridge. Xu Ying and Yuan Weiyang were gradually forced to withdraw from Yujing.
The calamity cloud covers thousands of mil