g void, forming various magnificent and strange phenomena. Flowers and tentacles sprouted from the void, which was extremely terrifying!

Yang Yanlong stood in the dojo. The Tao tree behind him quickly took root and sprouted, growing taller and taller, covering him under the tree.
“Xu Ying, it is the emperor’s business to capture you, but Yingzhou is the Dongyuan of Doubu, and you should come back now!”
/His Soul Sentient reached out to capture Xu Ying. When he and Xu Jing fought, the ancestral court was shattered, forming a torrent of thunder and fire in space.
And here is the realm of Taixu, a void. Except for a few abnormal places, there is no space elsewhere, only nothingness.
His palm power showed a strange effect here. Around the palm lines, space was constantly born and expanded outwards, and his own Tao chain also evolved, forming various immortal runes, and the runes evolved into various Tao phenomena. .
Dao phenomena are often composed of the natural world of heaven and earth, and are formed by observing thunder, waterfalls, flowing water, flames, storms, flowers, birds, insects, fish, etc.
At this moment, Yang Yanlong’s magical power showed its essence in the realm of Taixu, and actually formed various kinds of heaven and earth, mountains and rivers, wind and clouds, birds, beasts, insects and fish in the space around the palm lines!
His Taoism is superb and revealed!
He didn’t expect Tiangang Disha and the 84,000 Dou Sha Immortals to really help him and capture the rebels. If these people didn’t help Xu Ying deal with him, they would have burned incense to his ancestors.
What he has to do is to defeat Xu Ying in front of Tiangang Disha and Dou Sha Xianzhen, and prove that he is the strongest person in Doubu!
Xu Ying turned around, his eyes flashing with excitement. This light even startled Yang Yanlong.
“I wonder how I am now compared to me back then? This Yang Zhenjun who replaced me is the best litmus test!”
His Ruyi Daluotian Dojo spread out, and the ten caves behind him suddenly became extremely bright, interacting with the ten visions in the Luotian Dojo.
At this moment, the physical activity, spiritual consciousness, vitality, soul power, yin and yang, mind power, life and death power, Tao power, and void, nine unique powers were unified in his body in an instant and turned into Taiyi!
His physical body and soul are extremely close, forming the body of Taiyi!
All forces are integrated and unified, no longer distinguishable from each other.
He has a feeling that he is the Tao, the Dharma, all things, and everything!
Xu Yingshentong picked it up and met Yang Yanlong’s palm power with one palm!
The moment the palms of the two collided, Yang Yanlong clearly realized that his cultivation was superior to his, but he felt as if his magic power had been defeated by him!
He immediately changed his moves and stepped back to be compatible with the Dao tree. At the same time, his soul moved forward and merged with the Dao tree!
At this moment, his physical body, Yuan Shen Dao Tree, is a trini