monkey is here?”

Just as he said this, the voice of Empress Ziwei came: “The Wuluo Golden Body withstood it.”
The Demon Ancestor was startled and followed his gaze. Sure enough, he saw Xu Ying’s human skin, which was attached to the cliff and covered with blood, flesh and broken bones. If you didn’t distinguish it carefully, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was a human skin. A piece of human skin.
The Wu Leak Golden Body was indeed incredibly strong, and the sword light emitted from the ginseng fruit tree was unable to split it. However, the power of this sword was too strong, and it directly crushed Xu Ying to death!
The flesh and blood scattered everywhere were mostly ejected from the eyes, ears, mouth, nose and other acupoints.
The power of the attack that the Immortal Emperor unleashed from the ginseng fruit tree was really terrifying. Xu Ying could have fought with him just now, but now he couldn’t even take a single move and was beaten to pieces!
“Xu Daozu, are you ready to be robbed?” An unknown voice came and asked.
Everyone’s eyes fell on the wandering blood threads. Countless slender blood threads in the air were still growing, like branches, much like the branch-like texture formed by Xu Ying’s transformation state.
After the terrifying blow to the ginseng fruit tree, some of the green rock avenues were still preserved, which made them stunned.
In addition to these blood threads, there is also Taiyi Cave Abyss spinning faintly.
Lord Xuhuang Daodao muttered: “When the master dies, Taiyi Dongyuan will leave and disappear without a trace. At this moment, Taiyi Dongyuan is still here.”
Lord Xuhuang Daodao raised his eyebrows and praised: “Immeasurable merit.”
The Qi of Hongmeng is a reward from the heaven of the three realms for his merits.
The so-called heavenly calamity has rewards and punishments. Rewards and punishments have their own fair rules, and there is no need for the gods to deliberately operate them. People with great merit will survive tribulations with few tribulations and great rewards. People who have done many evil deeds will survive tribulations with many tribulations and will most likely fall under the tribulations.
Although Xu Ying was hated by countless people, the new Taoist ancestor was also worshiped by countless people. Although he has not yet gathered his divine power, his merits are already there.
/The ginseng fruit tree is the spiritual root of the earthly immortal world. It can break through the twelve Taoist scenery. Except for the Cuiyan Daojing, which is somewhat difficult, the others are easy. But only for the Hongmeng Daojing, the sword light of the ginseng fruit tree did not touch the Daojing at all!
At this moment, Hongmeng Daojing flew out, slowly rotating, and saw the spiritual light gathering in the air, reorganizing again, first forming Xu Ying’s immortal true spirit, and then forming Xu Ying’s soul.
At the same time, the blood threads in the air are constantly regenerating themselves. The branch-like textures are spliced ??and grown to form flesh, b