foundation of the talisman formation, and finally achieving the merits of one’s own foundation-building realm, also mirrors this “smelling congeniality” experience.

There are really too many paths in the world that are similar to the way of the Talisman Formation. From many angles and levels, the way of the Earth Master may not be the best solution or the best choice, but the selection and cultivation of any way or method in the world If you persist, it will not be unreasonable.
Thinking like this, Chu Weiyang gradually lamented the impermanence of luck. But apart from that, to be honest, it was difficult for Chu Weiyang to have any kind of surging emotions in his mind. He even seemed ordinary. .
After all, there are too many causes and effects entangled in him. There are so many that even if Chu Weiyang wants to be shocked for a moment, the sources of these shocks need to be lined up in order.
/Moreover, the connection between Mr. Zong and him only involves the earth master’s Taoist method. Strictly speaking, it is still the auxiliary method that Chu Weiyang is involved in. He is incompletely recognized in the root and marrow Taoist principles.
Therefore, in the “order of queuing”, Mr. Xu Shizong would be in the back of the crowd, probably competing with the dead Mr. Snake.
Thinking of this moment, Chu Weiyang even calmed down the lingering lingering shock in his mind, and looked at the figure of the elder Zong that was almost frozen in his mind’s memory with an increasingly calm look.
This is the strange thing about mental memory. Strictly speaking, this is not entirely what happened in the years, but the illusion with a certain subjective color after those things that actually happened are remembered by people with the power of the mind. picture.
Therefore, the picture in the memory of the mind has been frozen for a long time, not because of the solidification of time, but more because at that time, Master Pang was looking at the elder Zong with a surge of extremely complicated emotions. In that moment of gaze, Teacher Pang’s thoughts and thoughts stretched into an extremely long period of time.
So at this moment, in the memory fragments Chu Weiyang illuminated, in the soul aura revealed, the long-frozen picture was nothing but the “hallucination” that Chu Weiyang, a later man, experienced as Master Pang at that time. .
However, staring at this frozen scene, suddenly, for a moment, Chu Weiyang seemed to have some kind of resonance with Master Pang, and then, a surge of extremely complex emotions emerged in his mind. .
This is because when Chu Weiyang looked away at this time, everything in the frozen picture was still frozen in the past, but the figure of the elder Zong that had been focused by Master Pang’s vision suddenly appeared in the picture reflected in the memory. Come alive!
What’s going on!
/When you stare at Gui Sha Yin Ming, Gui Sha Yin Ming reveals a great monk in the realm of Jin Dan in the depths of your memory, and then suddenly find that the great monk in the realm of Jin Dan is smilin