avoiding the intersecting lights. He landed and rolled for several weeks, jumping uncertainly like a civet cat, and finally reached the ginseng fruit tree with many dangers.

In Yingzhou, Shenpo, Yuan Tiangang and others were sweating for him, but they were relieved when they saw him coming under the fruit tree.
Xu Ying jumped up and turned around to look outside the dojo. He saw Su Yeqing standing outside the dojo and did not follow him.
Xu Ying laughed and said: “With this natural chasm, even if you are the Supreme, why should I be afraid of it?”
Su Yeqing stepped into the dojo and strolled around. The light from the fruit trees crisscrossed around him, but never hit him.
Su Yeqing smiled all the way to the ginseng fruit tree and looked at Xu Ying with a half-smile.
Xu Ying’s expression was gloomy and uncertain. After a moment, he smiled cheerfully and said, “Does Mr. Su Sixth still lack a son?”
Su Yeqing was furious: “This old guy Xu Jing has really taught his son bad things!”
At this time, the goddess finally figured out part of Su Yeqing’s origin. She was so excited that she quickly sent a message: “Immortal Master! Su Yeqing is his pseudonym! I have calculated his real name, and it is Lan Suying!”
When Xu Ying heard this name, he had no impression at all, and thought to himself: “The Supreme Immortal Emperor actually has such a delicate name?”
/Outside Wuzhuang Temple, the sky suddenly turbulent, countless thunders erupted, the two worlds of Yanzhu and Yuankang were filled with thunderstorms, the vitality of the heaven and earth was squeezed out of order, and the sun, moon and stars seemed to have encountered an invisible push and were pushed towards Flow on both sides.
This is what happens when a strong man from the fairy world arrives!
The powerful men in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm of the Immortal Realm came and squeezed the heaven and earth. At the same time, the vitality of heaven and earth was also expelled. This situation seems harmless, but when the strong man leaves, the vitality of the world that is squeezed out will not return, causing the disaster of desolation of the world and crop failure.
This time, the two worlds of Yanzhu and Yuankang merged to form a larger world, but compared to the powerful people in the Tianjun realm, these two worlds are still too small.
When a heavenly king from the immortal world came, the squeezed vitality of heaven and earth had already occupied 99% of the vitality of Yanzhu Yuankang’s world.
Tianzun, Emperor, Yuanjun, Dongwang, Fire Tianzun, Water Tianzun, Wealth Tianzun, Taisui Tianzun, as well as emperors and Yuanjun with various titles came to this new realm in person.
The sky was crushed, and in the sky, the fairy world was extremely clear. For the first time, the distance between it and the mortal world seemed so close, as if it could be touched with a raised hand!
There seems to be no obstacle between the two worlds, and they seem to be connected as one.
But as Tianzun, Emperor and others entered Wuzhuang Temple one after another, the sense of