Xiaobei has already arrived at the seaside.

Namodar is a port city in the coastal area of ??Tianzhu. It has a long history. It is said that more than a thousand years ago, merchant ships sailing from Arabia docked here to start trade with local merchants.
After entering the modern era, the port city of Namodar relied on its superior geographical location and became one of the ports that merchant ships must pass through when passing through Tianzhu Ocean.
But at this moment, this prosperous port city seemed a little dilapidated.
In the past, there were countless ships entering and leaving the port every day, but now the number of ships entering and leaving the port is less than 30% compared with before!
After all, for most ships, the capital of Tianzhu has been killed by monsters, and Tianzhu has undoubtedly become a place full of dangers.
Those ships would rather change their routes and increase costs than risk going to Namodar.
In fact those ships that changed course were wise.
At this time, a large number of troops were stationed outside Namodar, and fierce gunfire could even be heard from the peripheral areas from time to time.
Looking from Wei Xiaobei’s current high-altitude position, there are at least more than 30,000 little monsters gathered outside Namodaar, and there are also little monsters and even monsters coming in a steady stream from a distance.
For those little monsters, Namodar, which has a population of more than five million, is much more attractive than those small towns.
After clearing out most of the small towns along the coast, the little monsters who were unable to break into the military base sensed the human aura and gathered here. This was what was bound to happen.
And Namodal can be regarded as a source of wealth for the nearby Wangdali Military Region. Compared with other incomes, even Namodal, where only 30% of ships dock now, the various incomes generated every day are enough for Wangdali. The military district maintains consumption.
Not to mention that the merchant ships that come and go can bring all kinds of urgently needed strategic materials to the Wangdali Military Region.
It is precisely for this reason that the Wangdali Military Region will station two full army divisions near Namodar.
Fortunately, in the past, even if hundreds of little monsters appeared, they would not dare to invade this area.
/Those little monsters have more or less brains, and they can distinguish where they are safe and where they are dangerous.
But now it seems that these little monsters, whether they were stunned by hunger or for some other reason, gathered outside Namodar and attacked army posts, patrols and even camps from time to time.
/Naturally, Wei Xiaobei came here not to save this port city that was about to be attacked by monsters, but he caught many powerful monsters along the way, and from the mouths of those powerful monsters, Wei Xiaobei got a There is vague news that the monkey god Hanuman seems to have appeared here once.
The person who provided this information was a gian