eath, so we only need to summon angels and demons at the same time.

But there is still trouble. Angels are divided into nine levels, and each level has its own strengths and weaknesses. There are many kinds of demons. In the demon world, demons with weak strength are as numerous as rabbits. If these demons were placed in the human world, they would be You can be domineering, but when faced with an angel, you might be killed in one fell swoop.
Therefore, not only must angels and demons be summoned, but the strength of the summoned angels and demons must also be limited.
I have not specifically studied summoning magic. I like to fight on my own and rarely rely on summoned creatures. So this matter is left to others to take charge of.
Time gradually passed. During this period, Charles’s war of conquest never stopped, and I also fought with the army.
As expected, Charles set his next target on Sibière, but this time Sibière was not alone. The central countries bordering Agony joined forces to establish an alliance in the northeastern part of the Frankish-Argonian Federation. Launch an attack, and behind these central countries, there is actually the Ice and Snow Alliance.
After two years of fighting, Sibie finally fell. However, this country was much more difficult to deal with than Agony. Sibie was a place where rebellions and counter-rebellions continued during the Lima Empire. Although it was defeated, It doesn’t mean it has been conquered.
For two years, the person who has been studying summoning magic is not Kestu, but Bagley. But if you think about it carefully, it is true. Who else is more suitable for research than this persistent guy?
Bagley also went to the Temple of Death. It was really strange. Didn’t Anubis say that he would not see anyone related to Charlie again? Didn’t he realize that Bagley was also with us?
Charlie begins to turn east. Is this his choice? Perhaps this is the price of alliance with the holy Byzantine city-state. He must solve the feud in the eastern desert for the city-state.
/Seljuk is not comparable to the countries that Charles conquered before. The vast desert is the most difficult defense to break through. If you want to rely on a huge army and sophisticated weapons there, you may not be able to do it.
/We can only take the path of elite soldiers and strong generals.
Sure enough, an expeditionary force was formed. The general of the expeditionary force was Roland, the free knight who had just been recruited. In the battle against Sibie, Roland had already proved his title as the strongest knight.
At the height of the Conquest War, Bagley came back. He gave up his original specialization and became a summoner. He was really a crazy guy. I have to admit, I can’t be like him. Completely give up everything.
I finally knew that everything was planned by Kesdu. Unexpectedly, Bagley was actually willing to obey Kesdu’s instructions. I had to admit that Kesdu was powerful.
Unknowingly, Kesdu, Salm, Bagley and Tupin came together. As for Malajiji, he wanted to be my follower.