ugh everything!

At least Wei Xiaobei saw that the space cracks extending out were ignored by these flying swords and could not affect the flying swords at all. Only the gravitational wall formed by Wei Xiaobei’s white dwarf body barely blocked the flying swords’ attack.
/But for Wei Xiaobei, now should be the most dangerous time.
The four mythical beasts are not soft-hearted. Fireballs formed on the sea of ??fire formed by the combined efforts of Qinglong and Suzaku!
This bolide crossed the distance in an instant and bombarded the gravitational wall like raindrops!
Alas, I failed this time.
Without the Xuanwu launching another offensive, Wei Xiaobei sighed softly and lifted the gravity wall on his own, allowing the bolide and even countless flying swords to hit him.
Boom boom boom boom
In an instant, the place where Wei Xiaobei was turned into a land of fire and light.
Countless flying swords tore Wei Xiaobei into pieces in an instant.
Seeing this scene, those heavenly soldiers and generals couldn’t help but be extremely surprised.
The cost of summoning these four divine beasts is extremely high. It requires all the heavenly soldiers and generals to consume a thousand years of life, and at the same time, they will not be able to use any power for the next hundred years!
In addition, it is necessary to obtain the permission of the Twenty-Eight Constellations. After all, this requires borrowing the power of the Twenty-Eight Constellations, which makes the cost even greater.
As a result, under normal circumstances, the heavenly soldiers and generals who go on an expedition will not be willing to spend such a price to summon the four divine beasts.
Well, to be precise, basically no heavenly soldiers or generals have summoned the four divine beasts!
Therefore, the power of these heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals against the four divine beasts is not very clear.
Undoubtedly, the power of the four divine beasts exceeded their expectations.
Wei Xiaobei died?
Well, it did hang up.
But this is not the end.
As mentioned before, Wei Xiaobei’s attribute of the God of Creation can be said to be the attribute of immortality.
Outside the Aoki Paradise, in any world, as long as Wei Xiaobei has a trace of flesh and blood left, he can be resurrected!
But those heavenly soldiers and generals didn’t even notice that when Wei Xiaobei removed the gravity wall and was overwhelmed by those flying swords, countless flesh strands spattered in all directions.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei’s approach was also quite dangerous.
Once all the splattered flesh strands are cleaned up by the flying sword, Wei Xiaobei will have no choice but to be reborn in the Aoki Paradise.
/And such a rebirth should not be considered a good thing. At least for a few years, Wei Xiaobei would not be able to leave the Aoki Paradise.
Of course, more than 50% of the meat shreds were directly destroyed by the flying sword, and more than 90% of the remaining meat shreds were burned by the sea of ??fire. Only a dozen of the meat shreds escap