l manager is Kesdu.

Archmage Gexin is here, and this time he is not as arrogant as before. He only intends to quietly conduct magic research here as a magician.
The Holy See’s group of mages also arrived here, including even those mages of the same level as Gexin.
I decided to make the research room semi-public, and any magician is welcome to come here to conduct research.
It’s a pity that this matter was vetoed by Charlie. He didn’t completely violate my wishes. He just limited the people allowed to enter the research room to those magicians with considerable strength and friendly relations with the Frankish Kingdom.
/However, the vast desert occupying more than half of the Seljuk Kingdom made it impossible for Charles to truly conquer this land. The Seljuks were still managed by the Seljuks. What Charles got was nominal rule, as well as the magical talents and resources he needed.
The progress of the institute is also quite smooth. Kesdu and Bagley each studied a variant of the magic furnace. Kesdu’s method is similar to the way the Essi people concentrate on magicians’ meditation, while Bagley’s method is like an angel’s. That way of directly deploying magical energy.
I never noticed, but before I knew it, those old men died one after another. The first one to die was Archmage Gexin. He was accidentally hit by magic and died after challenging the heavenly level. He died next. It was Rem, the red-robed mage who came here later. It is said that he died at the end of his life.
The only ones on the continent that could compete with the Frankish Kingdom were the northern ice sheet countries, and the war against the north began.
This year, through Kesdu’s unremitting efforts, the number of Frank’s magicians reached an astonishing level. What made magic popular was my new method of casting spells. Masters do not need to spend a lot of time practicing direct manipulation of magical energy.
Although this new way of casting spells was sorted out by me, I have never sorted out a system. This work is being carried out by Kesdu, as is the work of training magicians. He is truly the best person to do this.
The war with the northern ice-field countries is not going smoothly. If the ice-field countries cannot be conquered before winter comes, then all efforts will be in vain. The severe cold winter cannot be conquered by any force.
Charles planned to gather all his strength to strike a powerful blow against the northern countries just like he did against the Seljuks.
After calculating the required military strength, the conditions for conquering the northern countries were not yet mature. Charles had to accept the suggestion to let the Frankish Kingdom temporarily recuperate. However, the work of concentrating resources from the conquered places to Frank could begin, whether it was for This is necessary both for the final conquest and for the purpose of building the guiding boat.
Kesdu proposed a plan to accurately calculate the population. This was a considerable project, but it was indeed very important. While the