th the Marquis’s answer.

The Marquis hesitated for a moment. He didn’t want to say those uncertain words. But he also knew that if he didn’t say anything, the master would probably still go around in circles with him.
“Some colleagues in the War Department and I have done research and believe that the empire did this because of its geographical location. This town was not important when it was in the hands of the Yafa people, but now that it is owned by us, It became the starting point of our western border between Beru and Yafa.
/“Because we are separated by the Devil’s Mountains, it is almost impossible for a war to happen on land, so the two sides can only send out aerial cavalry to harass each other.
“If an air cavalry regiment is stationed here, on the one hand it can ensure the smooth flow of several major roads near Sherut, and at the same time it can attack Nori and Mandy in Yafa to the west, Bonero to the southwest, and reinforcements to the south. border.”
Margrave von Dockmann talked eloquently, but all this was not just a fantasy. In his hand, he had four sets of plans for “Spring”, “Summer”, “Autumn” and “Winter” drawn up by the General Staff. As long as the messenger receives the summons from the capital Poli, one of the envelopes will be opened, and the further war between Beru and Yafa will begin from here.
“This is your specialty, the headquarters and the general staff may mean this.” The strange old man pulled the Marquis to the ground and said: “But why did you let me come to you? Is it just to let you protect me? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be safer for me to stay in Poli?”
The strange old man suddenly stopped, pointed at the Devil’s Mountain Range, and said: “I can tell you, the real reason lies there. There are four most famous dangerous places on the mainland, and the Devil’s Mountain Range is one of them. The reason why this place is famous is And it is regarded as a dangerous place because there are many monsters in the mountains.
“But have you ever wondered why there are such a huge group of monsters here but not elsewhere?”
The strange old man did not expect the Marquis to answer. Even among magicians, there were very few who knew the answer. After all, this has been one of the biggest taboos for nearly a thousand years.
The strange old man continued: “You don’t know how the Holy See arose, and it’s impossible that you haven’t heard of the war between the Holy See and the ancient magicians. The ancient magic civilization was cut off because of this. At that time, the entire continent had a total of There are more than 3,700 magicians. After the Demon Extermination War, no more than 200 magicians managed to escape. They hid in the mountains.
“But I’m afraid you wouldn’t know that the Devil’s Mountain Range is where magicians who escaped from their deaths live. For magicians like us, it can be said to be a holy place, because today’s magic principles based on alchemy, That’s where it came from.
“Let me tell you another unknown secret. The magicians who hid in the mountains w