he Yandang Blood Demon was able to escape the light and heat bombardment at the beginning was because of Wei Xiaobei’s deliberate manipulation.

Otherwise, the Yandang Blood Demon would not be able to escape the initial light and heat bombardment.
The reason why Wei Xiaobei did this was naturally not because he was bored, but because he discovered that the blood on this blood demon was shockingly greater than that of the pheasant spirit.
According to the blood concentration on its body, it has killed at least more than 30,000 humans!
This was a quite terrifying value, and Wei Xiaobei could even see countless innocent souls surrounding it.
They were silently accusing this blood demon of its sins.
/You know, when Wei Xiaobei entered Yandang Mountain this time, although he came to help his female apprentice solve a problem, he did not mean to directly kill all the monsters in Yandang Mountain without asking any questions.
Wei Xiaobei looked at these monsters and monsters almost once. Although there were many guys with bloody lights in them, the blood lights were weak, and there were even more guys without any blood lights.
Think about it, not all demons and ghosts like to eat blood food. Besides, there are not many humans in the Yandang Mountains. Even if many demons, ghosts and monsters want to eat blood food, they have no chance.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei was ready to directly surrender some demons and monsters to enhance the strength of the special joint force.
After all, China is so big, even if Wei Xiaobei takes action, there will be so many monsters and ghosts appearing all over the country, there is no time to calm them down one by one.
However, Wei Xiaobei would naturally not let go of someone as sinister as Yandang Blood Demon.
This can be regarded as killing the chicken to scare the monkey.
“Surrender or not?”
Following the fall of the Yandang Blood Demon, a loud and extremely loud voice echoed on the mountain peak.
Wei Xiaobei opened his mouth with the magical power of the White Lotus, and his voice spread. Those little demons with weak demonic aura immediately knelt down and kowtowed to the big fireball high in the sky.
And those big demons also felt dizzy, and they were so frightened that they hurriedly sealed their ears with demonic energy, and then they felt better.
By this time, even the most arrogant demon knew how powerful the opponent was.
Just from what we saw, we can deduce that the opponent’s strength can completely crush our own!
Under such circumstances, many big demons couldn’t help but feel a little shaken.
After all, even monsters and monsters know one thing.
Better to die than live.
If you die, everything is gone.
And if you are alive, there is still hope for everything.
“If you surrender, those who have no blood sins can enjoy the fragrant fruits of the animals as offerings, and those who have a few blood sins can work to atone for their sins.”
Wei Xiaobei spoke slowly and continuously with words mixed with the magical power of the White Lotus, shaking the will of those