practice Qi refining, he knew that some things in the world could never be avoided and would always be faced by the sect, including life and death, and fighting. , among them, perhaps even if I got a lesson from the Five Poison Taoists today, I would be able to get over the panic when I suddenly faced it the other day.

Pindao heard others say that this was completely different from a fight between monsters and beasts, and a real fight between monks, a fight that did not include competition. Pindao also deeply believes in this.
It’s just that senior brother protects us very well. Even when we are fighting in the open sea, we still need his care. However, how can there be a true disciple in this world who can achieve something without going through these things?
Therefore, I would like to have some advice from people like Taoist friends who have had real experience. ”
Speaking of this, she didn’t know what Yun Shou had said to her behind her back. Yun Han then thought of Chu Weiyang’s hesitant attitude elsewhere. So, before Chu Weiyang could say anything, Yun Han thought Han then opened his mouth and added.
“Please keep this matter confidential and not talk to Senior Brother Pindao. Otherwise, there will be noisy and repeated teachings that will make it difficult for people to meditate peacefully. In order to achieve this, Pindao is willing to give Brother Pindao another dose of Dendrobium Ziwei.” Thunder Liquid Spirit Dew.”
These words made sense to Chu Weiyang’s ears.
That’s right, how can there be a direct disciple of Xuanyuan Dao who has not experienced the experience of killing!
/And Yunhan’s ability to see this clearly and take the initiative to make amends was a very commendable character in Chu Weiyang’s eyes.
As a result, there was an unexpected gain, and Chu Weiyang was happy to help Yun Han.
Chu Weiyang, who felt that there was nothing wrong with him, nodded happily and agreed to keep the matter confidential.
Then, Chu Weiyang asked again.
“Since we want to keep it a secret, why not perform the Dharma Palace in this courtyard?”
Hearing this, Yun Han nodded gently again.
“Why not?”
After hearing this, Chu Weiyang nodded obediently.
“Okay, then here it is.”
When the words fell, Chu Weiyang was already pacing slowly and standing steadily not far in front of Yun Han.
This is already an ordinary time when monks in the foundation-building realm meet each other and test each other at the ultimate safe distance.
Although it was a real fight, at this moment, Chu Weiyang still took the initiative to raise his hand. Among the master’s seals, what appeared clearly was the Taiyin Thunder that Yun Han had become very familiar with in the past few days.
A deliberately violent shout was the beginning of this fight. It was not until he saw Yun Han waiting for him that Chu Weiyang used thunderous means to print the spell in his hand.
In an instant, what looked like a black dragon flew out of Chu Weiyang’s sleeves and robe.
Then, half-suspended in the air, the mysterious dragon turned around