a little bit more. By colliding with the huge waves, we can analyze the rules of light and heat contained in it.

Wow, a huge wave hit the Xuan Turtle Demon King’s forehead, causing the rock on the Xuan Turtle Demon King’s forehead to shatter. Then the splashing waves went down his neck, forming a waterfall. In an instant, it was like a waterfall. Falling towards Wei Xiaobei.
However, before the waterfall fell halfway, it collided with the light and heat emanating from Wei Xiaobei’s body.
In an instant, less than half of the falling waterfall was evaporated by light and heat.
However, the rest of the waterfall eventually fell and hit Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei, who had been sitting below without moving, couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of blood after the seawater hit him.
Compared to when I ran to take the blow before, this time it was already pretty good.
Most of the power has been absorbed by the Xuan Turtle Demon King, and less than half of the remaining part has been evaporated by light and heat. The power that can fall on Wei Xiaobei is only about 15% of the original.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei is not a physically powerful being like the Xuan Turtle Demon King. With only half of his strength, Wei Xiaobei was beaten until he vomited blood.
However, it is bleeding in the lungs, and I am used to vomiting.
The power that the Xuan Turtle Demon King was enduring at this time was much greater than that of Wei Xiaobei.
Led by a dragon, tens of thousands of shrimps, soldiers and crabs gathered together to create a giant wave that was not comparable to ordinary giant waves.
Let’s put it this way, it is equivalent to a real dragon taking action!
In other words, the Xuan Turtle Demon King seems to be uninjured at this time, but it is equivalent to being attacked unscrupulously by a real dragon!
What level is a true dragon?
The lowest is four-star terror, and the slightly more powerful one goes straight to four-star disaster!
What’s more, this true dragon is the top being in the aquatic tribe, and its combat power on the sea is better than that of all aquatic tribes!
/Unexpectedly, after a series of huge waves hit, all the rocks on the head of the Xuan Turtle Demon King had been shattered, and the rest could only rely on its own thick skin to resist.
Although the Xuan Turtle Demon King looks powerful, it is still only a four-star elite creature.
Perhaps it could fight against a four-star terror with its terrifying defense, but when it was passively beaten and unable to fight back, it was impossible to escape unscathed.
Just after Wei Xiaobei was hit by the waterfall more than twenty times, he felt a fishy smell mixed with the waterfall.
/That’s right, it smells fishy.
It seemed that the Demon King Xuan Turtle was also starting to get hurt. Wei Xiaobei sighed softly but did not open his eyes.
At this time, the light and heat around Wei Xiaobei’s body was constantly emitting. When the waterfalls fell, the light and heat emitted would suddenly increase in intensity and evaporate less than half of the