aid it was important. Report well to Fan Zhen.

aid it was important. Report well to Fan Zhen.
I also secretly regretted why I came back alone. I should have called them together, and it wouldn’t have ended up like this. But regretting it now is useless. I remembered the blood stains on the cat’s eyes again, so I told them, and they also saw it. After seeing the blood stains, Sun Yao took a photo with his mobile phone for preservation. He said that judging from the degree of dryness, it had been some time. If we really want to talk about the possible time, it was probably the night when the taxi driver died.
In fact, my first reaction when I saw it was also that night, because that was the only night when I had blood stains on my body. I don’t think it was left by someone else unintentionally, but it was more likely that it was left by me myself, and that I haven’t really stayed here since then, so it’s natural that I didn’t notice it.
/Then another question came. If it was left by me, then why did I leave the blood stains on the cat’s eye?
After thinking about it, there is only one possibility. That is, after I brought my head and other things back that night, someone came to my house. At least it was like what I had experienced before. Someone knocked on the door. I looked through the peephole. It might be here. Blood stains were left on it during the process. Apart from this explanation, there is no other more reasonable speculation.
Sun Yao and Zhang Ziang thought so, but the surveillance system at my residence had been adjusted, and no suspicious person was found that night. Sun Yao said: “If that person was hiding in this building and did not come out, or he would Do you live there?”
I didn’t dare to speak anymore. Living in the same building as me, I didn’t dare to think about what kind of scene this was.
Although I have been living in this community, I don’t even know anyone who lives across the street, let alone other floors. Moreover, there are so many people living on this floor that it is impossible to exclude them one by one. In the end, Sun Yao said this There is no need to rush, and you have to take your time. If you go to each house and ask questions blatantly, you won’t be able to find out the murderer even if he is inside, and it will easily arouse the murderer’s alert. But one thing is basically certain now, I am indeed in danger now.
When I saw Sun Yao saying this, Zhang Ziang shook his head slightly. I was just about to ask him if he thought what Sun Yao said was wrong, but Sun Yao told me to call my family and let them pay attention. It would be bad if the murderer gets so angry that he hurts the people around me.
I don’t think Sun Yao’s statement is quite right. If the murderer is a person who gets angry easily, I don’t think it would be possible to do such a scary case. But out of concern for my parents, I still called them and told them my recent situation and asked them to pay attention. My dad did not panic on the other side, but comforted me to always pay attention to safety. , they’ll be fine.
After hanging up th