In a decisive battle with the main force of the orcs, it is estimated that even the most optimistic bosses in the royal capital would not dare to have such illusions.
Geographically, there are seven provinces in the southeastern region of the Kingdom of Alpha. Fengyun Province is still fighting on the front line, so naturally this reinforcement mission will not fall on them.
/The remaining six southeastern provinces nominally allocate troops from one county to participate in the war. When it comes to specific operations, there are many problems.
Some small counties simply cannot provide 15,000 elite troops, so the shortfall can naturally only be shared by other counties in the province.
There was so much quarrel in some provinces that no one was willing to take on this hard work, and in the end it had to be shared among the counties.
The most typical characteristic of the assembled army is chaotic command. The temporarily appointed army commander has limited power to intimidate nobles from all over the country.
Hudson led the Wright County Army for more than ten days, and there were reinforcements from two provinces, but the internal relationship was not clear.
There are people providing logistics along the way, so there is no baggage pressure. You only need to be responsible for the journey.
It is necessary to show off in front of the leader.
If we weren’t afraid of overacting and ending up badly later, walking another twenty or thirty miles wouldn’t be a problem.
After all, this is a local march with guaranteed safety and does not require soldiers to ensure combat effectiveness at all times.
/Even burying the pots to make rice and setting up camp, there are people who do it for them.
Just looking at the mobilization and coordination capabilities of nobles from all over the country, it is absolutely a miracle that it appeared in a semi-slave and semi-feudal era.
But the only one with this ability to cooperate is the Alpha Kingdom. In other countries on the continent, the nobles and gentlemen along the way would not be so cooperative.
These are all the achievements of the Orc Empire. It is all thanks to the efforts of the Orc army for hundreds of years to develop everyone’s coordination ability.
The nobles along the way will do their best to cooperate, and the nobles participating in the war will also strictly restrain military discipline. Everyone has already formed a tacit understanding.
In the Emerald Palace, looking at the information gathered in his hands, Caesar III became furious.
There are reinforcements, but the performance of this “two hundred thousand” army is really hard to describe.
Except for the Wright County Regiment led by Hudson, which set off on time within the specified time, the remaining reinforcements all went wrong.
The reasons are endless, but the end result is the same. In order to urge the various reinforcements to set off, Count Jose, who was responsible for coordinating the deployment, could only complain to the king.
“Your Majesty, going out to support the Principa