azure sea water. Sometimes the wind makes whirlpools inside, and sometimes it flashes silvery white. And there was a faint melodious singing voice, one part was pure and shiny crystal, full of sacred feeling, and the other part was like a baby’s palm, with five tiny fingers spread out, and the skin color was constantly changing due to different environments. .

“Hey, we can’t keep watching like this.” Finally, Anderson broke the silence, “Let’s share these extraordinary characteristics.”
Just when Edwina’s light blue eyes were filled with anger, the hunter shrugged his shoulders and smiled bitterly:
“I think this should also be their wish, because we are companions who have fought together.”
Seeing Edwina’s eyes soften, Anderson curled his lips, shook his head and sighed:
“You are always so rigid, so you will never be an artist in your life.
After sighing casually, he looked at the corpse on the chair on the ground and said:
“We can’t keep watching like this, we have to do something. Didn’t Shaitas want to find her people? So she was buried near the elven ruins on Sunia Island. Mobet seemed to want to be with Shatas, then Just put it in the same tomb.
“Didn’t Ronzel want to go back to Backlund? Burn his ashes, put them in a box, and take him to the big city along the way. If you have time, you can also look for his descendants. As for Snowman, he doesn’t know who he believes in.” Is it the ancient sun god, or the original creator, or the two are equivalent? Well, it is the same to us. There is definitely no corresponding church or altar, so we can only bury him next to Grossel.
“Grossell should want to return to the King’s Court of Giants, but this is a city that only exists in myths and legends and cannot be found in reality. However, there are some giant ruins in the northern and southern continents. He can be buried in those places and let him Real sleep.”
“Giant King’s Court” Backlund Klein listened silently, considered for a few seconds and said:
/“Give me the ashes of Grossel, Snowman, and Ronzel.”
He thinks that after a period of time that is not short but not too long, Silver City should explore the “Giant King’s Court”. At that time, the ashes of Grossel and Snowman can be handed over to the little “Sun” and let him These two ancient figures were buried along the way, and Backlund was the place where Klein himself wanted to return. It was the end of his journey, and it was just the right time to bring back Longzel, who had been away from his hometown for more than 165 years.
Edwina then said:
“The Golden Dream often goes to Sunia Island. I will be responsible for the remains of Shatas and Mobet.”
“Okay, you will be in charge of the cremation later.” Anderson turned to look at Daniz, half-smiling and half-sighing, “Look, everyone has their place to play, there is no need to feel inferior.”
He originally thought that Daniz would not understand his relief and glared at him again. Unexpectedly, the famous pirate’s expression suddenly dimmed a bit, and he nodded silently.
“Ahem, as companions who