r life. Let alone ten or twenty years, if we can go one step further and pick the fairy grass for you, it is possible to live for another two hundred years or even longer. Now, The golden bamboo slip in your hand will only gather dust if you keep it, why not let us study it, maybe we can figure out its deep meaning.”

Zhong Yong took off the auspicious animal skin on his legs, stood on the ground, stretched his muscles, and then looked at the Grand Master Chen Kai, and said with a serious look: “I don’t want to show it to you for your own good. Why are you digging into the roots of the old technique when you are taking the path of new techniques?”
Chen Kai said: “If we take history as a guide, we can see the rise and fall. If we use the old skills as a guide, we can see the future of new skills. Moreover, we also admit that the old skills were extremely brilliant in the pre-Qin period, but in later generations, a large section of the middle road to the immortals was completely It’s broken. We want to confirm one or two things, and maybe it can help revive the old technique in the future.”
The old man Zhong Yong shook his head and said: “It’s useless. It’s impossible for you people who are following the new art path to understand the carvings on the bamboo slips. As for the text, let alone it. I paid a lot of money to dig up the most famous one. A group of scholars and professors worked together to decipher it, but they couldn’t decipher a word. Let me show it to you, can you understand it? I think that your writing and language skills and attainments are still far behind theirs.”
The great master in the new art field was silent, but he cursed in his heart. This old guy was really a loser. He hugged the golden bamboo slips to life and refused to let go, and also mocked their poor ancient cultural heritage.
/He knew that unless he extended the old man’s life for another ten or twenty years, it would be difficult to negotiate, and he would encounter a very “difficult” master.
/He stood up and said goodbye. There were some things that might be easier to talk about after some time.
At present, new techniques can extend people’s lives. Although the process is extremely difficult, mastering this method is like holding the most powerful weapon. In the end, everything can be sat down and discussed, including more resources and contact with the relevant departments of the old land. Cooperate, take over expedition organizations, etc.
On the frozen soil of Congling Mountain, Lao Chen’s chest rose and fell violently, until finally a faint white light emerged, followed by wisps of crimson clouds, accompanied by the sound of thunder, and he gradually calmed down.
With nothing to say, he signaled to Xia Qing, and then the two of them fought directly.
Although Xia Qing is a woman, she is very tall. She raises her hands and feet with the strong wind, stirring up all the surrounding stones and gravel to fly. She is as strong as a female leopard, and she can jump more than ten meters in one leap. Far away, he stepped towards Lao