n or earth, or wherever you go, you will be killed.” A mechanical voice warned in the study.

The scriptures exchanged can only be used by one person to practice. Anyone who dares to spread the word will be slaughtered.
Wang Xuan stood in front of a dark altar in the study and swore there. It felt like a benign curse was born and had an effect.
He observed with his spiritual eyes and found that there were inexplicable entanglements of dark particles. Is the oath really useful? If he breaks his oath, will he be punished?
He secretly thought that the Transcendent Central World was indeed not simple. The avenues in the universe were well controlled and could play a great role.
When he was in the mother universe, he encountered the era of exhaustion. Although he was exposed to “Tao Oath” and so on, he did not have too many terrible experiences.
“Brother An, you are so generous. Thank you very much. Goodbye.” Wang Xuan left as quickly as he came. The other party didn’t want to talk to him, and he didn’t want to stay long.
When he returned to his residence, he began to study the dark particles on his body. He watched them with his spiritual eye and slowly disintegrated them. He was careful and felt that they could be dismantled with his spiritual eye.
However, it takes a huge amount of time, and if you don’t get it right, it will trigger a counterattack.
/In the end, he used the Royal Dao Flag and wiped it out firmly and resolutely. He didn’t want to be burdened with such a thing, and of course he would not spread this scripture randomly.
/“The Nine Transformations of Feathering, it’s a good thing. It is indeed unique and can improve a person’s qualifications. My body and soul probably don’t need to change much.” He was quite confident.
“However, in the later stages of practice, the spirit will have the attribute of immortality, which will be amazing.” He studied and mentioned the effects of each realm at the beginning.
As the name suggests, the Nine Transformations of Ascension talks about the method after becoming an immortal. The original body of a person who normally becomes an immortal will dissipate. This method focuses more on spiritual changes.
But this article also mentions the physical body. If the original body is still there, it can also increase the corresponding immortal characteristics!
Wang Xuan memorized the scriptures by heart, burned them after reading them, and silently comprehended them. This scripture can be regarded as a top-notch spiritual method, and it was not in vain for him to remember it.
At midnight, he lit the incense, which can affect the spiritual level. Following the special incense it emitted, he saw the overlapping spiritual world.
Wang Xuan’s spirit entered a special blessed land opened up in the higher spiritual world. Is this an encrypted space?
In the closed space, someone had already walked in, a paper cat, which must be a chaffinch.
Not far away, there is a mechanical pig, which is very small and as big as a palm. It stays there quietly without saying a word.
The pa