nst Thunder Tribulation was both an exercise and a torment for himself.

123 years after the extraordinary end, Wang Xuan’s family sat on the pool of life, floating in the vast starry sky, sipping and admiring the brilliant stars.
Suddenly, a spaceship approached from far away. It should be a spaceship heading to the old land. For some reason, it deviated from its course and came towards them.
Wang Xuan stood up, standing in the starry sky, staring at the spaceship. It soon stopped and hovered not far away.
After a quiet moment, the cabin door opened, and two people walked out. Just like before, the two people disappeared for more than seventy years, but they still looked the same as in the memory, unchanged.
They looked at Wang Xuan, and then at Zhao Qinghan and the others in the pool of life. For a moment, the stars were shining and it was quiet.
/“Grandpa, grandma!” Wang Xin shouted. After so many years, it was unimaginable that she could see her grandparents again.
At first, after the three of them got married and started families, Wang Zesheng and Jiang Yun disappeared after a long trip.
They searched for a long time, but the grandparents who loved them the most never appeared again, and there was no news from them.
More than seventy years have passed, and their appearance has not changed. They are still the same as before, but Wang Ye, Wang Xin, and Wang Hui are already very old.
Under the starry sky, the two people stepped out of the spacecraft and walked in the cold universe. This was definitely not the behavior of ordinary people.
“Dad, Mom!” Zhao Qinghan shouted.
Wang Ye, Wang Xin and Wang Hui were in a daze. At that time, they were anxious and sad, and mobilized all kinds of efforts to search for the two people for many years without any results.
/Now, without any explanation, the three of them understood that their grandparents were not ordinary people, but strangers who could still practice cultivation in this era.
“Good boy!” Wang Zesheng and Jiang Yun came closer and met again in the starry sky. They saw the beautiful Zhao Qinghan grow old, and saw their grandchildren’s hair as white as frost. The two of them also showed their true feelings, and there was even more sadness deep in their eyes. .
Jiang Yun took Zhao Qinghan’s hand and helped her to cross the super material. She couldn’t see her children like this.
Looking at Zhao Qinghan and Wang Xin, all three of them had lost their youth, she seemed to think of the long past, as if she had experienced them before.
In the universe, the stars were as bright as water, and it was exceptionally peaceful. Neither of them expected to meet again here and now.
“Dad, Mom!” Wang Xuan broke the silence. Finally, the family returned to the spacecraft. There were too many things to say.
The spaceship floated in the endless deep space. Wang Zesheng combed Wang Ye and Wang Hui’s muscles and bones, checked their physical condition, and sighed softly.
After many years of separation, even his two grandchildren have grown so old. This is the “reincarnatio