items can turn chaos into the extraordinary power required, but they are just fragments. I hope it stops on that planet and doesn’t come out.” Minglun was a little worried.

In the old time, after one day and one night, Wang Xuan, who had been guarding for a long time, began to dig out this area with the Royal Dao Spear.
“Don’t come here!” The broken Dachitian Sword felt that the sky where the knife was born was so dark, and this villain from a remote universe really wanted to capture it.
The most important thing is, will the other party completely destroy it?
“Hehe” the Royal Dao Spear smiled strangely. It didn’t need Wang Xuan to swing it, it was exerting its force excitedly, intertwining dazzling rules.
“I’m going to blow myself up!” Da Chi Tian Dao said in despair.
“If you leave the sword body behind, I will allow your consciousness to leave, but you must also take the initiative to dissipate and reappear in the next mythical era. Otherwise, I will do my best to capture you and make you annihilate both physically and mentally!” Yu Dao Gun Say harsh words.
After a confrontation, runes flashed between the treasures, and there was a fierce “communication”. Wang Xuan didn’t hear it, but it was probably not a kind word.
Finally, the consciousness of Da Chi Tian Dao broke free, and with a bang, it dissipated deep in the passage.
“What’s going on with it?” Wang Xuan asked.
/“If there were no ancient and modern treasures that could be guided back from somewhere, it would not appear in this mythical era.” Yudao Qiang informed.
The two cut-off knives were not destroyed, and the traces of the supreme texture inside were very clear. This was the path of the Tao left by the Great Red Heavenly Sword.
The Royal Dao Spear glows, and you observe and study it from beginning to end, imprinting those imprints into your consciousness.
Soon after, Wang Xuan left here with the mechanical bear, boarded a smooth sailing ship in the starry sky, and embarked on his return journey.
On the way back, Wang Xuan cordially visited an area frequented by interstellar pirates. He was given a spaceship with excellent performance and “influenced” a group of thugs. From then on, there were no more pirates here.
In the old land and outer space, Wang Xuan silently opened up that secret realm, crossed the spiritual world, and then entered the former center of the Yudao Banner civilization.
He even thought about integrating the killing formation diagram and the flag into one.
I can’t forget it, but I don’t see the echo of Shang Yi and Yuhua Banner. Fortunately, the big red sky sword is scary enough. The only regret is that the “god” that gave birth to it was not captured, and the powerful consciousness dispersed.
The Killing Formation Diagram has shrunk a lot and is now one foot long. If it is taken off, whether it is in front of you or hanging in the sky, it can instantly expand and cover everything.
A trace of chaotic energy is steaming, and it blocks the door. In the underground palace inside, there are still flags that are unruly and