ong way. He may not be able to get it if he rushes there, and may become a hero to all the other people. A target for battleships.”

“Speaking of which, after so many years, he has actually kept a low profile. He has traveled far away from the region all year round and has barely made a presence in the country. He didn’t come back until a while ago and settled in the old land. Well, no one has met him in the starry sky in these years. , I wonder if the fleet can defeat an Earth Immortal like him.”
In the words of all parties, some people care about him, while others are naturally indifferent, even hostile, and their hearts are complicated.
Pictures of the battles in the past were circulated. The battle between the Earth Immortal and the Supreme Treasure was so tyrannical that it made some people feel uncomfortable, as if there was a sharp sword hanging above their heads.
Some major forces and certain camps believe that in this era, there should be no earthly immortals, and there is no need for super powerful individuals to frighten all parties.
“I heard that there are people in the deep space who are dissatisfied with him. In the past, he slaughtered gods, killed demons, and offended some people.”
In recent years, with the development of the times, various spaceships and motherships in the starry sky have been in close communication, and the connections between new stars, old soil and the depths of the universe have become more and more frequent.
Today, New Star and Old Earth are no longer living planets on the edge of the lonely galaxy. They have joined the Cosmic Alliance. The advantage of this is that even if there is a conflict or war, no party is allowed to attack and destroy the planet where members of the alliance are located. Star earth.
Destroy stars? That will be crusaded by all members of the Universe Alliance.
Wang Xuan lives the life of an ordinary person and spends his days in peace. He has gradually adapted to this rhythm. Of course, he has never forgotten that he is an extraordinary person. He is calm and waiting for a breakthrough. He is looking forward to surpassing the earthly immortal and becoming a health master.
During this period of time, he actually communicated with the soul several times and noticed that there were some disturbances in the extraordinary world. This was a bit abnormal!
/There are fluctuations in the supernatural realm.
Additionally, he started having some dreams.
In his sleep, he saw Yan Mingcheng, Bai Jingshu, Lao Zhang, Fang Yuzhu and others.
“Xiao Zhang, if we meet again, if you are not already extraordinary, your cultivation level should be overtaken by mine.” He talked in his sleep and communicated with Lao Zhang.
“Sister Yuzhu, Sword Fairy Qingyao, how are you doing recently? I’m getting married. This is my life in the world of mortals. We should meet again in the future.”
In the dream, he communicated with old friends one after another, greeted each other, and talked about the current situation and the future.
/However, he would occasionally have nightma