of the Altar of Death.

Xu Shi’s magic altar’s talisman formation is only judged based on whether it hurts lives.
When he looked at it at this time, Jin Guan’s face had turned gray and black. On his originally delicate face, shallow cuts were intricately intertwined in the scorched blackness, revealing bright red blood stains.
That was the “sword intent” left by Taiyin Thunder on Jin Guan.
In the same place, all the brilliance disappeared, and Jin Guan looked at each other in the air again.
Chu Weiyang said nothing more.
It was just as if the Taoist heart had jumped out of some kind of barriers and shackles at this moment, and suddenly felt that the world was so free in front of his eyes, and the majestic and raging emotional fireworks almost burned Chu Weiyang’s whole person at this moment. Boil.
/But before that, the first thing to boil was Chu Weiyang’s Qi sea dantian, which was almost as thick as the ocean!
It is more prosperous than Fanhuo!
On the spot, Jin Guan raised his hand, and a spiritual light shone in his palm, faintly wiping across his face.
When he looked at it, his figure was in a sorry state, but in fact, the burnt blackness and scratches on his face were all traces of the pure magic power of the Taiyin Thunder. They did not contain any fluctuations in luck from Tao and Dharma, and there was nothing sharp about it. The killing intent caused irreparable damage.
/Therefore, when the spiritual light in Jin Guan’s palm brushed off, the charred black color on his face had been wiped away, and the cracks that had originally rolled out some bright red flesh and blood were gradually closed.
But a defeat is a defeat.
It was like even though he had cleaned up his face, the embarrassing situation just now had been deeply imprinted in his mind and memory, imprinted in the eyes of the cultivators watching from the stands on all sides, imprinted on Chu Wei In Yang’s mind and memory.
In the same place, Jin Guan stood under the altar of death, raising his head and looking at Chu Weiyang’s thin figure standing in the center of the altar.
He pursed his lips, as if he wanted to say something.
Refute Chu Weiyang’s rudeness? You have already decided victory and still want to use such ruthless and ruthless tactics?
He scolded Chu Weiyang for murdering people and punishing his heart? What is the difference between using the external form of sword intention to deliberately deal with the Taoist disciples of the Qianyuan Sword Sect and using the water escape technique in front of Cheng Xuanzhong?
But in the end, Jin Guan just pursed his lips but said nothing.
The more he had such an emotional reaction, the more it proved that he was truly defeated by Chu Weiyang in all aspects.
From the vastness of the sword’s magic power, to even the extremely exquisite changes in his moves.
They all lost miserably!
The only result of him trying Chu Weiyang’s talent is to become the most eye-catching one today, the only Dingsheng Taoist disciple who lost twice in a row and lost the qualification to continue acting in the