is not very interested in the exhibits unearthed from the tomb of Marquis Haihun displayed in the provincial museum next door.

“I must go and see.” Li Hongfang clenched her fists. Tomb robbing was once her profession, but it was also a hobby. This hobby and interest are more or less related to her enthusiasm for learning history and culture. Why wouldn’t you want to go see the cultural exhibitions related to the ancient sects?
“Then you may not have time to see it recently. Let’s open the rice noodle shop first.”
“Of course, I won’t delay business.”
“Actually, if you are interested in the history of Jiuzhou Fenglei Sword Sect, you can ask me directly.” Liu Changan thought for a while and said.
/“Okay.” In the past, Li Hongfang didn’t dare to chat with Liu Changan when nothing happened. Even if he was interested in Jiuzhou Fenglei Sword Sect, he only looked for information privately and did not dare to ask him directly.
Liu Changan nodded. The reason why he was so proactive was because of Li Hongfang’s overly developed brain-filling ability. She could make up the content of sixty episodes of a TV series with just a few things. She especially liked to stigmatize some historical figures. For example, Liu He and Shangguan Dandan gave birth to a daughter or something.
Later she becomes interested in the Kyushu Fenglei Sword Sect. Who knows how many things she will arrange? Especially there are many women in Jiuzhou Fenglei Jianmen.
There are more women, and there are more gossips and rumors, such as secret histories of romance, erotic stories, and boudoir stories.
The rumors he told about the Nine Provinces Fengling Swordsman were of course the most authoritative. If Li Hongfang was still making up rumors, he would expel her from the Sword Gate, rub her into ashes, put them in a jar and bury her under the corner.
Thinking of this, Liu Changan looked at Li Hongfang and smiled gently.
Li Hongfang also smiled. Liu Changan’s smile was always so elegant and easy-going. It’s no wonder that Miss Su couldn’t resist his charm.
After walking for a while, I came to a gray-white three-story independent factory building. According to the information introduced by Li Hongfang, this was once a textile factory and later transformed into a school. The most recent change of use was to a warehouse, which was more than ten years ago. It was something that happened before, and it has been abandoned ever since. Due to unclear property rights and repeated changes in the competent authorities, it was only recently that all relationships were established and it can be transferred and used normally.
“I’ve asked around. The old people in this area call this Textile School, but it’s not a school for training textile technicians, nor is it a school for children of textile factories. It’s just because it was originally a factory building of a textile factory.” Li Hongfang lowered his voice, “Listen It is said that there have been supernatural incidents whether it was used as a textile factory or when it was used as a school.”
“Talk about