tually a little ambiguous. Bai Hui grasps the situation and observes whether Jin Xiaomei can understand it.

Jin Xiaomei smiled, with just the right amount of teasing in her eyes, implying that she knew that Bai Hui and Liu Changan had an ambiguous relationship, but it was not too obvious. After all, the relationship between the two parties was not close enough that they could tease each other about their emotional problems at will.
Bai Hui was slightly shy. The deer she had strangled to death was now alive and kicking again.
After Jin Xiaomei left, Bai Hui arranged her hair, hurriedly washed her face and brushed her teeth, took some sweet and fresh fruit-flavored oral aroma popping gum, then brushed her eyelashes and applied lip color to make herself look more beautiful. There is no obvious makeup feeling.
Bai Hui was about to go out to “encounter” Liu Chang’an, but Zhu Juntang ran in with a look of panic.
Seeing Zhu Juntang’s expression, Bai Hui stopped. Zhu Juntang hugged Bai Hui, buried her head in Bai Hui’s arms, and gasped, “I’m scared to death. They say sheep have nine lives. I want it true.” It’s a sheep, at least it will be scared to death by Liu Changan eight times five times two times!”
Zhu Juntang calmly analyzed it. If someone else had used his ancient power in front of Zhu Juntang, he might have been scared to death. But that was “Grandpa” after all, so he didn’t think it was that scary. He reluctantly gave him two lives. Take your life to show respect.
“Cats have nine lives, sheep have none.” Bai Hui corrected Zhu Juntang helplessly. Zhu Juntang rubbed himself in her arms. Bai Hui suddenly felt that nothing serious happened. Zhu Juntang was probably taken care of by Liu Changan again.
“Why does a cat have nine lives?” Zhu Juntang was dissatisfied. She now has nine lives because of the golden war. If she were in the state of Xianme, then she would have countless lives.
It’s just that Xian Mea’s state is bound to Liu Changan’s Immortal state, and she will become a mount, so Zhu Juntang added a new identity, Golden Zhan Me, that he can use.
/“It was too noisy last night, and now I’m a little dizzy. I need to go out for a walk.” Bai Hui pushed Zhu Juntang away and wondered about Zhu Juntang’s physical fitness. Everyone else was sleeping, but she had woken up long ago. Jumping around and playing in his golden suit, he seemed completely unaffected by last night’s mischief.
Fortunately, before going to bed in the morning, Zhu Juntang gave everyone something to prevent hangover sequelae, otherwise Bai Hui would be very uncomfortable now.
/“Haha, you want to go out for a walk, just like this? You obviously want to seduce Liu Changan.” Zhu Juntang rubbed his nose and nodded with satisfaction.
She was not only satisfied with the rich fragrance of Bai Fen that hit her face, but also satisfied that Bai Fen had finally awakened and was ready to use the power of a bear on Liu Changan.
Which one is more powerful, the power of prehistoric times or the power of bears? This was a very interesting question. Z