n during the day, and leave it to Zhou Dongdong in the morning and after school. The canteen operating in two shifts looked formal and business was good.

Unexpectedly, Shangguan Dandan felt sad while eating the delicious barbecued squid.
“How many times do you want to beat it?” Zhou Shuling, who also ate three barbecued squid, continued to come over to give advice.
“You go ahead and pound it.” Liu Changan squatted on the ground and looked up at his little mother, who had better smoothen the development of her breasts and buttocks.
The teasing Zhou Shuling could still be seen in his calm expression, and she pouted aggrievedly. If a household appliance or something is broken, it can be given a hammer. Just give it this time often and it will be fine.
“Isn’t there a phone number for the manufacturer here? Call them and ask someone to repair it. We can pay more.” Zhou Shuling looked at Shangguan Dandan with moist eyes and felt very distressed.
If it was Zhou Dongdong who was crying loudly, it would be nothing, but Zhou Shuling’s soft heart couldn’t bear to make a lovely girl like Shangguan Dandan so sad.
Liu Changan stood up, touched Zhou Shuling’s head, then pointed at the barbecued squid and asked her to eat.
This vending machine may be stolen goods. Call the manufacturer to send someone to repair it. It is better to call the police directly.
It’s actually okay to buy stolen goods, and you can still call the manufacturer to have it repaired, but letting a powerless ordinary citizen like yourself make such a call will cause more trouble for no reason.
So Liu Changan sent a message to Qin Yanan that the respected Queen Mother had brought back a vending machine and needed maintenance services from the manufacturer.
/Hearing that it was Shangguan Dandan’s matter, Qin Yanan naturally obliged. She was enjoying Zhujuntang’s SPA technicians at Baolong Center with Yan Huaye. The service skills of the technicians were very good, but in the end they did not make people want to moan. With Liu The professor’s methods cannot be compared.
/Qin Yanan asked for the manufacturer’s address, and then called Secretary Long, who happened to know the owner of that manufacturer.
An hour later, a neatly dressed Qin Yanan waited for the factory’s technical director at the gate of the community. He hurried to the door with two technicians.
Seeing the vending machine, the technical director hesitated. Isn’t this the batch of products that was recently lost in the factory?
The family’s technical director looked at a young woman, a girl, and a child standing in a row next to him with expectant faces, then glanced at the stunningly beautiful Miss Qin and the young man holding her arm, and then Start working on repairs.
The vending machine was quickly repaired. In fact, there were only factory locks and boot procedures that needed to be operated, and there were no other software or hardware problems. He helped Shangguan Dandan install the management system on his mobile phone, and then sent an electronic version of how to use it. Explai