mortals, it is considered a very terrifying speed.

On that day, Wang Xuan quietly entered the True Immortal Realm from Feishengya Retreat and found an extremely remote area to survive his catastrophe.
“It’s a little strange, different world, different time and space, different feelings. Try it in Chaos next time.” He whispered.
Countless lightning poured down, and the entire sky was submerged. There was fairy light everywhere, there were scenes in the thunder, terrifying and real creatures, lightning mountains and rivers, etc. could be seen everywhere.
“Who is overcoming the tribulation? This momentum is too great. Is this someone from the eighth level of the True Immortal Realm, or is there an old monster from the ninth level of Dzogchen who is overcoming the barrier?”
After being discovered by the immortal creatures, their hearts trembled and they did not dare to approach. They hid in the distance with awe, and finally ran away altogether, fearing to anger the other party by peeping like this.
This catastrophe lasted for a long time. The mountains and rivers below were flattened, the ground sank, and it was completely destroyed, leaving a great abyss.
Long after the catastrophe ended, there were still traces of lightning emerging from the ground.
“You are about to survive the last tribulation of the Six Tribulations of Thunder and Fire, right? It’s time to take advantage of the situation and become an immortal, right?” He asked with a smile.
/“Yes.” Wang Xuan nodded.
The young man said: “In the field of health maintenance, you must have broken the limit. I would like to ask, have you ever had the experience of breaking the limit twice?”
Wang Xuan said nothing and looked at him calmly.
“You are calm. It seems that you must have broken the limit a second time. If you can break the limit a third time, there will be a chance for a real dragon to rise in the sky.” The young man looked at him.
“Things you did before don’t matter. You can go through the tribulation and become an immortal first. In any case, I will lead you into a brand new field. Only those who break the limit for the second time are eligible to join and can have a preliminary understanding of this universe. This Something essential about the extraordinary world.” After speaking, the young man turned and left.
/The truth of the universe, the essential thing of the extraordinary world? He really dares to say, what is his identity?
“Do you know how to preserve your physical body during the tribulation of immortality?” Wang Xuan shouted from behind.
The young man stopped, turned around and looked at him, saying, “You have great ambitions. No wonder you want to practice the Six Tribulations of Thunder and Fire, and are determined to follow the path of the Nine Transformations of Feathering.”
Wang Xuan had already become an immortal in the flesh. He just wanted to know if there was any way to hide it. After all, he was going to “become an immortal” again and it was impossible for him to become immortal in the flesh.
“There are two ways. One is