d to refine weapons. armor.

Wei Xiaobei put the dead long-bearded shrimp demon into the storage bracelet, then took out hundreds of red meat crabs and more than a dozen half-evil mermaids, kneaded them all into gravy and put them into the sea.
/After all, using yourself as bait is too slow and can only be used when you are thinking about problems.
In fishing technology, this is called nesting.
Tricks with a little bit of technical content are naturally much more effective when used.
Not long after, Wei Xiaobei’s induction pulse spread to the extreme and he noticed something entering the three-thousand-meter scanning range.
Those are a group of long-bearded shrimp monsters!
The attribute table of this long-bearded shrimp demon has this introduction: The life and death enemy of the shrimp demon clan is the crab demon clan. Whenever the two sides meet, it can easily trigger a life-and-death battle.
And this group of long-bearded shrimp monsters rushed towards this side with murderous intent, attracted by the crab’s gravy.
Of course, even the shrimp monsters know that persimmons need to be softened, so when they realize that the enemy seems to be weak, their morale will become higher, and of course they will charge faster.
More than fifty long-bearded shrimp monsters!
This amount is not too much.
But it was better than nothing. When the group of long-bearded shrimp monsters approached, they did not see the crab monsters they had imagined. Instead, they saw a human being soaking in the sea water, and they immediately became excited.
As I said before, the long-bearded shrimp monsters are gluttonous. In their diet, humans may be a relatively high-end one.
Seeing the group of long-bearded shrimp monsters rushing toward him, Wei Xiaobei smiled, which saved himself trouble.
The big gun appeared in his hand, and with a thrust, several long-bearded shrimp monsters didn’t even have time to react, and they died.
When this group of shrimp demons saw that several of their own kind were killed in an instant, their timid nature suddenly broke out, and they all turned around and ran away.
But in front of Wei Xiaobei, these shrimp demons really had no chance to escape.
In less than a few minutes, there were less than ten long-bearded shrimp monsters left.
“Give up your life! Give up your life! Give up your life as a king! Give up your life as a king!”
Just when Wei Xiaobei was about to kill these long-bearded shrimp monsters one by one, an accident happened.
The remaining six long-bearded shrimp monsters actually made sounds in the sea water and kowtowed towards Wei Xiaobei!
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but be stunned. The big gun in his hand eased slightly, and the screams of these long-bearded shrimp monsters became louder and louder.
To be honest, if he hadn’t looked at their actions, Wei Xiaobei wouldn’t have known what they were talking about.
It should be: “Spare your life! Spare your life! Your Majesty, spare your life!”
After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei remembered that among the skills of these long-beard