to send a message and sternly warns us to either leave or go deeper into the secret place. Do not stay in this area.”

The ninety-year-old old man from the Song family suddenly turned ugly when he heard this. He had indeed heard it.
“What is the situation? That extraordinary auspicious beast can actually communicate with people. How powerful is it? Why are extraordinary humanoid creatures not allowed to stay in the external area?” Old Song had many doubts.
Zhong Yong’s face was quite solemn and he said: “While running away just now, I saw two groups of young people confronting each other from a distance. Judging from the clothes, the two groups of people did not look like people from our new star.”
“Is there someone deep in the secret place? He’s come out now!” The old man of the Song family was furious.
Zhong Yong said: “We have been warned, and now we cannot leave this planet, so we can only temporarily transition to a deeper place.”
Then he added: “I have to find my two descendants. I always feel that something is going to happen in this area. I’d better take them with me.”
In another area, Lao Chen hid in a dense forest, sat on a crooked tree, and ate the last silver bamboo shoot.
Earlier, he only pulled out a silver bamboo shoot, and was chased for hundreds of miles by two monsters with dark circles on their heads that looked like national treasures. Even his back was scratched and bloody.
In a rage, Lao Chen threw away the “national treasure”, stole the other three silver bamboo shoots, and ate them all.
/Now the deep wounds on his body have scarred, and they are almost healed. The silver bamboo shoots are amazingly effective!
“I’m satisfied now!” He burped. After being chased so far, he finally let out a bad breath.
“When I return to the old Shu land in the future, I will feed your distant relatives more bamboo shoots!” He felt a strange energy flowing through his body, which was of great benefit to him.
Suddenly, Lao Chen’s hair stood on end. He raised his head suddenly and saw a white peacock with a hazy halo. It didn’t know when it had landed on the tree trunk above and was staring at him.
This is definitely a terrifying and powerful creature among extraordinary creatures. Even Lao Chen’s heart palpitates and he feels it is difficult to fight against him.
“Human, your strength has exceeded the upper limit. Please go deep into the secret place.” The white peacock’s spirit was fluctuating violently and he issued a warning.
Lao Chen was surprised. Before coming to the secret place, he checked a lot of information, but none of them mentioned it. He had a premonition that something had happened.
Wang Xuan sneaked into hiding. After leaving the foggy area, he was observing the eight extraordinary lairs, ready to rush in and pick up the strange medicine at any time.
He only stared at some extraordinary nests for a while and then gave up because they couldn’t afford to disturb them. For example, there was a strange golden bird living on a certain cliff.
Once you mess with this extraordinary flying