d of competition, which is better than a live competition, you still have to choose competitive songs.

In fact, when Liang Bo on Earth participated in Singers, it was also a round trip.
“The singing is really good.”
The robot gave Lin Yuan a thumbs up, and then couldn’t help but wonder: “How did you practice three different voices?”
Lin Yuan was helpless: “I don’t know.”
Without a system, someone can make three voices.
Those imitators can even imitate the voices of dozens of celebrities.
Imitation is imitation after all.
The characteristic of Lin Yuan is that his voice is not produced by imitation, so there is no deliberate feeling at all.
The audience doesn’t know this, but professional musicians can hear it.
So natural.
At this moment.
Everyone was stunned.
Doesn’t that mean that the rankings will change dramatically?
“As you can imagine, in this issue, the ranking of every singer has changed. Let me announce the eliminated ones first. For those who are about to be eliminated, waiting means suffering.”
The wanderer immediately looked grateful.
Everyone knows that the Wanderers will be eliminated in this episode, and this is proven by the reactions of the judges, the jury and the audience.
Tong Shuwen didn’t show off, and quickly announced: “Unfortunately, Piggy Qiqi has been eliminated.”
The wanderer was about to stand up, but paused after hearing this.
Piggy Qiqi smiled and said: “Everyone, I’m going to reveal my face later. I won’t cry this time. She is also a first-line singer after all. You must be curious about who I am, right?”
Everyone smiled and didn’t feel sad anymore.
/Piggy Qiqi’s elimination was unexpected but also reasonable.
There was indeed a problem with her performance.
The robot felt a little guilty and hugged the piglet Kiki: “Come on.”
Piggy Qiqi smiled: “It doesn’t matter, you are the main force, remember to help us win the battle for hegemony later!”
“Main force? Fighting for hegemony?”
The robot blinked.
Tong Shuwen coughed: “This news hasn’t been announced yet. How did Teacher Xiaozhu Qiqi know about it?”
Xiaozhu Qiqi smiled and said: “There are too many singers participating, and there are several front-line singers that I am familiar with who are ready to sign up. It is impossible for you to continue competing like this, the audience will be tired, and it is easy to hollow out the singers and give them Opportunities for singers later”
Everyone was thoughtful.
Really, if this group of people really have to compete from episode to episode on this show, it’s really hard to give all the singers a chance to perform.
So there must be new ways to play in the competition system.
“I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.”
/Everyone nodded, feeling a little sad.
Tong Shuwen smiled and said: “Your singing will still remain on this stage. You will always be the pride of the “King of Masked Singer” team.”
“a team?”
Everyone looked up.
Tong Shuwen shrugged: “Since Piggy Qiqi mentioned it, I might as well reveal that because there were too many singers who signe