of before. It was definitely not a good place.

“Generally speaking, if you can’t see them and don’t come into contact with each other, nothing will happen,” the ferryman said.
However, he was still uncomfortable. It was fine if he didn’t know. Now he knew clearly that there were so many evil spirits around him. Who could bear it?
“I hope that the cross-region war will start immediately, so that I will have a reason to leave. It is a force majeure, break away from the shackles of the Old Testament, and no longer stay in the dead place!” said the ferryman.
At this moment, Wang Xuan and Lao Chen were looking forward to landing as soon as possible, but it sounded inappropriate about Xuan Ling. There were almost none on weekdays, but there was a disaster here.
“Senior, do you want to return my sun gold to me?” Wang Xuan asked.
“I’m going to use the sun gold to refine some small objects. I can take them with me during cross-region battles and give some to Xiao Chen.”
After Wang Xuan heard about it, what else could he say? He reluctantly gave up his love and didn’t want it anymore. He only took away the spear.
“Could it be that the place of death is the nest of evil spirits in the world?” The ferryman was furious. The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he became. He almost wanted to run away.
“I can’t understand how a monster like Xan Ling could exist.” Old Chen shook his head.
“There are too many things in the world that you don’t understand.” The ferryman sighed, and added: “There are some phenomena that not even the immortals understand, let alone you.”
There was heavy fog on the blue sea, making it look increasingly quiet and forbidding.
“I can’t tell. Is it possible that the invisible evil spirits are coming into the world?” Old Chen was confused.
Finally, the ship docked.
/“Senior, take care!” As soon as the bamboo boat arrived at the shore, Wang Xuan and Lao Chen ran away and disappeared in the blink of an eye. They never wanted to come to this ghost place again!
The ferryman was in a daze. He really didn’t want to chase them away this time. He also wanted to chat with them and stay for a while. However, the two people didn’t give him a chance to stay, and they all ran away as if they were running for their lives.
Outside the place of death, several people from Yuhuaxing and the golden mastiff have not left yet, and are still searching.
They did not believe that the two had escaped into the Deadlands, thinking that they were just hiding in the foggy fringe area outside the Jedi.
“Even if you enter the land of death and survive, I will let you die!” The mastiff was mentally shaken and extremely cold.
It told several people on the Feathering Star that it had used a psychic raptor to summon another law enforcer and asked him to come and help him kill the two “violating” humans here.
“Senior, is this okay? Our own breach of contract is actually more serious, but those two people have nothing to do with it.” The Yuhuaxing people hesitated, fearing that another law enforcer would target th