turning overseas talents these days. , more and more IC design companies were established, and Huahong received more and more orders.

turning overseas talents these days. , more and more IC design companies were established, and Huahong received more and more orders.
“We can’t let him go!”
Mr. Wu repeated at the loudest volume.
The leading role of the richest man Zhao Song is too great. Even laymen can see the huge change in the development speed of Zhangjiang High-tech Zone after Zhao Song’s intervention.
“Yes! We must not let him go!”
the assistant said as if to cheer him up.
“We have to think about recruiting~”
Mr. Wu, the technical officer, was confused at this moment and babbled: “By the way, isn’t Xiaoyu going to take the college entrance examination next year? It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t study well, just expand the enrollment!”
Mr. Wu turned his head He asked the assistant: “Xiao Wang, I seem to be able to recruit students independently at Tongji, right?”
The young assistant was confused by Mr. Wu and nodded blankly.
“Then recruit Xiaoyu, and I will teach you personally!”
/“Xiao Wang?”
“Mr. Wu,” Xiao Wang said with a sad face, “You are the doctoral supervisor.”
Therefore, there is no love for no reason in this world, from Huahong Park This conversation also explains from another side why Wei Mingyu is popular in this city.
Especially after knowing that Zhao Song will invest heavily in the construction of his alma mater and integrate his alma mater into the Tesla headquarters base,
Binjiang World Trade Garden, the king of buildings.
As the first step for Mingzhu Decoration to enter the Shanghai decoration market, this building that Zhao Song bought when he first came to Shanghai was naturally decorated in a magnificent way.
“What? Postponed to the afternoon?”
In front of the floor-to-ceiling window, Zhao Song was reading the text message.
It’s just an ordinary board of directors, but how can it lead to such a high-level leadership?
Besides, for such a big thing as the postponement of the board of directors, you just sent a text message to fool me?
Cursing Director Zhao in his heart, Zhao Song shook his head helplessly. He knew that the person must have spread the news, and he only sent the text message because he was embarrassed to call.
Zhao Song shouted.
It was already early in the morning, but he knew that the girl was definitely not sleeping.
/A head poked out of the room, nothing more than a dull one.
“Xiao Yu~”
“What are you doing?”
The one who poked his head out was Xiao Yu. There were only two pitiful suspenders tied to her shoulders under her fair neck. It was obvious at a glance that this girl was wearing very cool clothes in the room.
“Tomorrow the board of directors will be postponed until the afternoon, and the plan has changed.”
Xiaoyu’s face suddenly darkened.
“Tomorrow or today?”
Zhao Song glanced at the wall clock, lowered his eyebrows and said, “Today.”
Xiao Yu retracted her head, and after a few rustlings, she walked out in one-piece pajamas.
“Today is June 1st!”
“You are a member of the Communist Youth League.”
Xiaoyu glared: “Y