r, and everyone immediately dug a big hole under their feet and tried their best to hide themselves.

Metz was also a little nervous by the actions of the common people. He covered his mouth with both hands, for fear that he would accidentally make a sound.
However, Metz’s move made Wei Xiaobei nod. Although this intelligence officer was not qualified, at least he was not too bad.
Wei Xiaobei naturally dug a hole, pulled out some plants, covered himself up, and tried his best to contain his aura.
Those mushrooms did not notice the presence of Wei Xiaobei and his party. They continued to eat various flowers and plants, turning the flower fields into blanks.
However, soon, changes came.
To be precise, there was a change in the behavior of the mushrooms.
The mushrooms that were nibbling on flowers suddenly became quiet and motionless.
At this moment, if Wei Xiaobei didn’t know what those mushrooms were, he would have thought that those flower fields were used to cultivate mushrooms.
No, the mushrooms grow well, but the animation form is a bit distorted.
Suddenly, Wei Xiaobei, who was lying in the pit and sticking his head out of the pit to check the situation, felt the ground shake.
Well, to be precise, it should be the heavy footsteps that made the ground shake.
In the distance, a huge and strong figure appeared and walked towards this side.
/Wei Xiaobei could see that the motionless mushrooms in the flower field started to tremble as the huge, strong figure appeared.
Yes, they were trembling, and some even shed tears from their open eyes.
This scene really surprised Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei had experienced the horror of these mushrooms.
Although they are small in size and weak in strength, they have an extremely strong desire to fight when facing the enemy!
No matter how powerful their enemies are, they rarely flinch.
Of course, except for the time when Xiao Hong took action.
But now, the appearance of that huge and strong figure made these mushrooms afraid.
This really made Wei Xiaobei feel strange.
It should be said that in Wei Xiaobei’s heavenly senses, although the huge and strong figure was very powerful, it was just a four-star elite.
Four-star elite?
Facing the four-star terror of myself, these little mushrooms are not afraid at all! ! !
Bang bang bang!
Finally, Wei Xiaobei could see the figure more clearly.
Uh, this should be Little Red Riding Hood, right?
To be precise, if its size were reduced to that of a child, it would be Little Red Riding Hood!
He was dressed in red clothes and a red pointed hat. The exposed half of his face was also delicate and cute. He was carrying a basket on his back and a basket in his right hand.
The problem is that it is over ten meters tall. When it walks around, the vibrations coming from under its feet completely destroy the beauty.
When Little Red Riding Hood saw the mushrooms in the flower fields, she couldn’t help but scream in surprise, and her screams made Wei Xiaobei’s face darken: “Wow, there are so many mushrooms, grand