for the confusion caused by these passengers.

But it was just an apology in my heart.
After Wei Xiaobei left the Gangcheng International Airport, he went to the beach. It was dark and the wind was high. Wei Xiaobei stepped onto the sea and ran quickly, taking advantage of the night to prepare to leave China’s territorial waters in a short time.
The flights between Huaxia and Liusnia have been restored now, but Wei Xiaobei is eager to return to Weijia Island, but there is no flight waiting for six hours later.
On the screen, Wei Xiaobei felt comfortable all over. After his soul strength was fully restored and raised to 233 points, running more than two thousand kilometers to Lusnia like this was no longer a burden to Wei Xiaobei. .
The only trouble was that when Wei Xiaobei was about to leave China’s territorial waters, a series of lights appeared on the distant sea.
A speedboat was skimming on the sea at a fast speed, and on its left and right sides were a coast guard speedboat pursuing it.
The sound of a loudspeaker kept coming from the Coast Guard speedboat, and at the same time, a bright beam of light shone on the escaping speedboat, making it impossible for it to escape through the night.
“Warning! Warning! Stop the speedboat in front immediately for inspection! Stop immediately for inspection! Otherwise, our boat will sink your boat! Our boat will sink your boat!”
Well, even a fool knows that the speedboat in front is probably not a good way to escape. Otherwise, running wildly on the sea in the middle of the night? Then the coast guard has nothing to do and comes to chase you?
“Brother! Fight with them!”
“Yes, brother, if you work hard, you can be a good man again in eighteen years!”
“Okay! Brothers, fuck the guy! Let’s fight!”
/Following the roar of several male ducks, orange fire suddenly flashed on the speedboat in front, and soon after, a series of gunshots came over.
It has to be said that the firepower on this speedboat is not weak. The bullets that were fired continuously made a bang bang bang sound on the outer skin of the two coast guard speed boats, and even the glass on one speed boat was shattered to the ground.
Wei Xiaobei was unwilling to expose himself to this kind of police activity to catch thieves, so he prepared to sink into the sea to avoid it.
But what Wei Xiaobei never expected was that since he was unwilling to provoke the other party, the guy who was escaping from the speedboat drove the speedboat straight towards him, and at the same time he actually discovered himself.
“Brother, there is someone on the sea! There is someone!”
A slightly panicked voice rang out. It was not loud, and even in the quieter night sky, it could not travel very far before being covered up by the roar of the waves.
“Don’t worry, stay on the helm. Damn it, even if it’s the Sea Dragon King, I’m going to skin him alive!”
As this sound reached Wei Xiaobei’s ears, a strong man on the speedboat held an AK47 and shot towards Wei Xiaobei.
As mentioned before, Wei Xiaobei originally planned t