e right direction for the Botanic Gardens.

Even the breeding farm brought a little surprise to Wei Xiaobei.
The fire crows placed in the breeding farm have provided a lot of fire crow eggs to the warehouse.
The quality of these fire crow eggs was not low, and they were not small in size. Wei Xiaobei planned to use part of them to pickle salt eggs, another part to make preserved eggs, and the last part to be kept for later use.
The number of half-evil mermaids in the pond has reached the limit that the pond can accommodate. Even if ordinary people continue to drop food, these half-evil mermaids will often kill each other to prevent the entire pond environment from being completely destroyed. .
But now that Wei Xiaobei is here, the problem is solved. A net is cast down, and when it is pulled up, densely packed mermaids with half-evil thoughts are struggling in the fishing net.
/Just looking at this density is enough to make a human suffering from trypophobia pass out.
The hallucination fluctuations released by these half-evil mermaids when they struggled almost enveloped the entire farm, causing all creatures within the farm, whether they were fire crows or ordinary people, to fall into hallucinations.
As Wei Xiaobei put these half-evil mermaids into the storage ring, the hallucination fluctuations disappeared and the farm returned to calm.
In the end, Wei Xiaobei almost wiped out all the half-evil mermaids in the pond, leaving only a hundred or so for breeding.
Although the reproduction speed of the half-evil mermaid is not as fast as that of real fish, as long as enough food is provided and some time is given, more offspring can always be produced.
After harvesting the ingredients he needed and seasoning them, Wei Xiaobei began to strengthen the farm.
This was important because Wei Xiaobei was planning to start breeding these two creatures, the red scorpion and the fat mouth.
Red Pit, a three-star ordinary creature.
Fat mouth, Samsung elite.
These two monsters were naturally weak in front of Wei Xiaobei.
But it is not an easy task for the breeding farm to confine these two creatures so that they do not escape.
After studying for a while, Wei Xiaobei used the inspiration of the Xuan Turtle Demon King to improve several fire dragon pure water bottles. He arranged these fire dragon bottles around the breeding farm and built an underdrain to supply sea water. .
At the same time, Wei Xiaobei also placed some refined gadgets on the fence of the breeding farm.
After renovating the breeding farm, Wei Xiaobei conducted an experiment and drove several fire crows to fly towards the outside of the fence.
/When these fire crows approached the wall, they immediately bumped into the transparent barrier that emerged.
Of course, this kind of transparent barrier can only prevent creatures below three stars from escaping. The key point is that after Wei Xiaobei canceled the transparent barrier, the fire crow continued to fly out, and several water columns suddenly appeared.
In an instant, the water column knocked ba