Kai, it was difficult for her to really show off her temper.

Quan Kai then said: “Xingchen, just watch here. I have something to say to Xiaoyue alone, so the two of us have to leave first.”
“Go.” Lin Xingchen looked at the blazing flames and replied silently.
Quan Kai and Yue Ming came to a “water bar” with few guests and a very elegant environment.
In the private room of “Water Bar”, the two of them sat opposite each other.
Yue Ming asked: “Mr. Quan, what do you want to say to me?”
Quan Kai said: “Today is the day of Lao Lu’s funeral. Why didn’t Renwu come?”
“Mr. Wei’s illness has not completely recovered.”
“No, Renwu’s illness should be completely cured. He didn’t come, probably because of other reasons.”
/Yue Ming’s eyes wandered and he replied stiffly: “Mr. Quan thinks too much.”
Quan Kai shook his head and said: “Xiaoyue, you are not a good liar.”
Yue Ming was speechless for a moment.
Quan Kai then said: “Renwu doesn’t want to come, probably because of me.”
Yue Ming still didn’t answer.
“Xiao Yue, I’ve already said this, aren’t you willing to tell the truth?” Quan Kai showed a rare anger.
Yue Ming sighed softly and said reluctantly: “Okay, Mr. Quan wants to know, so I’ll tell you. Indeed, Mr. Wei didn’t come because of you.”
Quan Kai nodded and listened with rapt attention.
“At first, Mr. Wei wanted to come, but because Mr. Quan solved the case, he temporarily decided not to come.”
“Oh? Just for this reason? It shouldn’t be that simple. I hope Xiaoyue can tell me the truth.”
Yue Ming shook his head and said, “No, Mr. Wei has repeatedly warned me not to reveal the truth to Mr. Quan.”
/“It’s really hard to say.”
He closed his eyes fully, took a deep breath, and said slowly: “I understand.”
Quan Kai opened his eyes and said with a smile: “Xiaoyue, let’s make a deal, how about it?”
Yue Ming asked doubtfully: “What deal?”
“Haven’t you always wanted to know what happened to a few of us when we were in college? I can tell you.”
Yue Ming stood up excitedly and shouted, “Really? Mr. Quan is really willing to tell me?”
Quan Kai nodded and said, “So, can you tell me now, what exactly did Renwu tell you?”
Yue Ming sat down silently again and replied with a troubled face: “Okay, then Mr. Quan promises me not to be angry.”
Quan Kai nodded and said, “I promise, I won’t be angry.”
“Mr. Wei said that Mr. Quan is an excellent detective, but Mr. Quan has been hampered by certain fetters, so he has never been able to exert his full strength.”
Listening at full blast.
“He said that if he came, he would not be able to help but point out Mr. Quan’s shortcomings in this case. This would hurt Mr. Quan’s heart. He did not want to see this scene, so he finally chose not to attend Mr. Lu’s meeting. funeral.”
“Then he should have said, what are my shortcomings in this case?”
Yue Ming nodded and said, “He said that when you are solving cases, you have an old habit of always failing to grasp the key points.”
“What’s the meaning?”
“He said that you paid too much attention to human relationships and did