er these activities, Sun Hao went home to be with his parents, and then went to Dallas.

er these activities, Sun Hao went home to be with his parents, and then went to Dallas.
He was preparing to move.
Again Sun Hao still has some nostalgia for the land of Dallas.
Even if it is a decoration for four years, you still have feelings for him.
Not to mention there are so many people he is familiar with here.
After he arrived in Dallas, he first went to the small town Nelson’s house.
“Sun, I’m sorry, it doesn’t matter how you blame me, it’s my fault. ”
Little Nelson apologized when he saw Sun Hao.
“No need to apologize, Donnie, I know you don’t want to either. ”
Of course Sun Hao knew why the transaction happened.
Nelson Jr. has such a strong China complex, and he must be the last person to want him to be traded. It
can also be seen from the previous draft that it is Cuban who makes the decision for the Mavericks.
This is Cuban’s team.
In other words, this is basically Cuban’s decision.
But he can’t blame Cuban. What he has witnessed Cuban doing for the Mavericks in the past four years is indeed a good boss.
So when he was traded, it can only be said that it was easy to get together and easy to part with.
And teaming up with O’Neal is an outcome he can completely accept.
/Just like when he asked O’Neal if he wanted to own the Pacific Ocean.
Now, it can only be regarded as moving the Pacific Ocean from Dallas to Los Angeles.
“Oh, by the way, Mark saw some news reports from China before. He felt that the translation there was not accurate enough and he was going to change it.”
While chatting, Nelson told Sun Hao about a recent big event.
This name change has also happened in history, but it happened relatively later.
Perhaps it happened early because his departure made Cuban pay more attention to the Chinese market.
“What are you going to change your name to?”
Sun Hao asked.
“The Mavericks, it thinks this is more appropriate.”
Sure enough, it was the same as in history.
If it weren’t for the fact that the name Mavericks has been called in China for too long, and many fans have even called themselves Niu Mi because of this, the name Mavericks would actually sound better.
Xia Mi is okay.
But when Nelson said the name, Sun Hao unconsciously thought of someone.
Lone Ranger Kobe Bryant.
This must be fate.
Sun Hao came to see Little Nelson, and the most important thing was to see Annie.
He also brought a lot of toys and DVDs, which Anne liked.
Anne looked better than before.
It seems that Swiss doctors are really experts in this field, and the situation will get better and better.
“Sun, you will still visit me often in the future, right?”
Originally, Sun Hao was relieved to leave Dallas, but Annie’s words made him feel inexplicably sad.
“Yes, as long as I come to Dallas, I will definitely come.”
Sun Hao said with a smile.
Perhaps, Anne had become dependent on him without realizing it.
After leaving Nelson’s home, Sun Hao went to the National Route Center Arena.
/He still had some personal items in the closet that he hadn’t taken