In this battle, all the methods are used, and they are all the most powerful killer moves and trump cards at present. The only thing missing from going all out is the ‘backtracking’ skill that doubles the basic attributes.
The fight was too hard, and even if I won, I still have lingering fears. Thinking of the thrilling moments, I would always be afraid.
It’s too reckless and doesn’t fit in with his philosophy of cultivating immortality.
Thinking of this, Lu Bei threw the blame on She Zhang. It was all women who had caused him harm.
If he hadn’t seen She Zhang being bullied, and his chest was filled with anger, how could he have been so reckless all the way, and chose to fight head-on with Xin Zunjun.
Sure enough, if there is no woman in the heart, drawing the sword of the God of Nature, holding a girl in his arms to kill, the damage will be doubled. It is not unreasonable for male cultivators in the world of immortality to be single.
Lord Xin Zun dissipated, and the small world he condensed into his own body no longer had the possibility to exist. The green mountains and green waters disappeared, and the world turned into black and white again.
She Yan stepped forward quickly and looked at the serious injuries on Lu Bei’s chest. She was so anxious that tears almost came out.
And she did.
But as soon as he hugged her, Lu Bei slapped him in the face and pushed him away mercilessly.
“Don’t touch me. The poison is too strong and the vitality cannot be suppressed. If you touch me, you will really become an old woman.”
/What’s wrong with the old woman? I want to hug her!
She Yan replied in her heart, and suddenly found the beautiful and fragrant white brocade close to her side. She raised her hand to stroke the black hair beside her ears, and she calmed down.
It doesn’t matter to the old woman, but it definitely doesn’t matter to the cheap plastic sisters.
/“Junior brother, your injury”
“It doesn’t matter, there is medicine to treat it.”
Lu Bei interrupted, spat out the jade box and handed it over: “Help me apply medicine to the wound on my back. The toxin is too strong and the sword body cannot suppress it. Please, two sisters, please don’t touch it directly. If you don’t use a fire stick, put the medicine into it.” Smear it on the sword.”
Bai Jin nodded, took out a long sword, smeared it with medicinal mud, and placed it against Lu Bei’s back.
The sizzling gray smoke floated up, the demonic energy was dizzy, and the steam made Bai Jin’s eyes blurred, and he hurriedly used his skills to guard the center of the sword. She looked at Lu Bei who was unmoved in horror, and lamented that her junior brother was so sincere towards the Tao, yet such a powerful demonic intention did not shake him at all.
While he was thinking about it, he didn’t know whether it was due to the influence of some demonic energy or because the previous battle was too terrifying, but there was an undetectable ripple in his heart.
Bai Jin was completely unaware of this admiration, but he also realized that the sword’s heart wa