a dim light again.

When he looked carefully, he saw that the divine form belonging to Qi Feiqiong was reflected in the air, and the message was conveyed by the divine form.
As a result, the rare teacher Chu Weiyang was at a loss.
It’s so messy, it’s so messy that people are overwhelmed.
An “overt and covert struggle” between Yu Shi Yuting and Qing He finally came to an end in this way.
Just judging from the final result, even including Chu Weiyang, it seems that all three of them lost, and all of them suffered a complete defeat; but it also seemed that they all won, and all of them won greatly.
Perhaps this is the paradox of the human world, and the combination and changes of Taoism and Dharma are so impermanent.
/But after the curtain came down, this life of focusing only on the realization of all dharma in front of me suddenly came to an abrupt end.
The news from afar taught Chu Weiyang that he could no longer sit still like this.
Therefore, in the early morning of the next day, the Dao body of the evil cultivator of the Blood Fiend Dao, as well as the various treasures that had been condensed, were all placed in the quiet room, and were beheaded by Shi Yuting on the spot. Mi Dao method seals.
After doing this, Chu Weiyang gave Shi Yuting and Qing He a few more careful instructions.
Immediately afterwards, after receiving a Qiankun bag from Shi Yuting, he turned around, put on the heavy curtain hat, and wore a mysterious robe that rustled in the wind and rain, and then the outer sect disciple appeared. Under the cover of his body, he disappeared into the hazy mist and rain, and then suddenly turned into a blue aura at a place far away from Baijie Yunfang, and flew away mysteriously.
Speeding like this with the supreme escape method, suddenly, only half a day later, a blue light flashed in the distant sky. When he looked again, Chu Weiyang’s figure had broken into the thick fog surrounding Lingfu Island. When his figure appeared again, he had already appeared in the stone chamber of the corridor in Langxiao Mountain.
It was not the stone room that contained the evil cultivators of the Blood Fiend Path, but another empty stone room that Chu Weiyang had placed there.
At this moment, four jade beads are inlaid on the dome of the stone chamber. The jade reflects the bright white light, illuminating the entire stone chamber clearly. However, Xu Mingguang sprouts from the jade beads, and the bright white light itself soaks into it. It has a layer of moist gentleness, making the precious light bright but not dazzling.
Until this moment, Chu Weiyang had just taken out the Qiankun bag that Shi Yuting handed over when he said goodbye early in the morning. When the Qiankun bag was opened, Chu Weiyang took out a jade slip first.
The Taoist’s majestic spiritual thoughts swept through the jade slips. In an instant, an extremely complicated array was reflected in Chu Weiyang’s majestic thoughts and thoughts. In an instant of observation, all the reflected spiritual light was contained in Chu Weiyang’s mind, and the