his former friends and the True Sages he had cooperated with.

After the death of the True Saint Wujie, will those people take care of some of his disciples and some of the ethnic groups that depend on him? Probably doubtful.
The general trend is like this, human relationships are warm and cold, and the world is cold and cold, everything will be very realistic.
Wang Xuan had long realized that he could not change the general situation. He just wanted to keep some friends and old friends.
/He has friendships with some dojos, but can he drag them into trouble? Obviously impossible.
The True Sage’s own friends are helpless and find it difficult to end. How could Wang Xuan ask others to do such a thing?
/Furthermore, he rarely interacts with the true saints of each family, but he has a good relationship with their disciples and has close contacts.
Wu Liuji, Li Lin, Jian Xianzi, and Fang Yuzhu came to his mind one by one, but he dismissed them all and shook his head.
“This kind of thing is only suitable for the exchange of interests. It should be pure and not mixed with any emotions.” What he has to do is to trade Yuan Sheng relics with unrelated parties. Even if the negotiation fails, he will not lobby or force others. .
Moreover, he felt that it was best not to go to people like Wu Liuji, so as not to embarrass the other party. For the sake of his nephew, if he got impulsive, it would be troublesome.
“Clear Sky!” In a place of creation outside the Five Tribulations Mountain, Wu Lindao activated his spells and excavated it himself. He started like crazy to dig out the collapsed underground palace and destroy the remaining protective formations. His hands were covered with blood and he let out a low roar. .
“It must be okay!” His eyes were bloodshot.
“Time Sky, Guixu, Tattoo Palace, one day, it will be your turn to become blood food. However, I hope that someone can end your orthodoxy in advance. I want to wait, I want to see that day! “Wu Lindao was as sad as a wounded beast.
In the last years when the ship of Wujie Mountain was about to sink, he would hear a lot of bad news every day and personally deal with some bloody incidents. He was exhausted and haggard both physically and mentally.
“Kong Xuan, you are so brave. Something is going to happen in Wujie Mountain, and you still dare to walk around in the starry sky. You should hide and don’t show up again in this era!”
When Ling Qingxuan secretly met Kong Xuan on an extraordinary planet, she directly gave him a serious warning.
In fact, both of them knew that Kong Xuan’s appearance and meeting here was a sign of trust in Ling Qingxuan.
Of course, Wang Xuan is also prepared for the worst. Although the golden vortex taught by the mobile phone’s rare objects is not currently able to run around in the starry sky, it should be no problem to escape from the planet in an instant.
In addition, carrying the Killing Formation Diagram and the Royal Dao Flag with him is also the fundamental reason why he is willing to imagine things like human nature better.