nes that were moved were volcanic rocks. This was probably the rare time when they woke up, moved their bodies, walked around, and fell asleep again when they were tired.

One hundred and thirty-seven volcanic rock men!
This is what Wei Xiaobei achieved after spending most of the day.
To say that the blood of this volcanic rock man is really not much, there are 137 volcanic rock men, the smallest is the size of a palm, the strongest is ten meters in diameter, but in the end, the total blood taken out by Wei Xiaobei is only Filled two porcelain bottles.
But then again, there can’t be many things like this in the first place.
Wei Xiaobei was quite satisfied with collecting two porcelain bottles.
Wei Xiaobei had basically rummaged through all the rocks on the small desert island, and even if there were still missing volcanic rocks, there probably wouldn’t be many of them.
Wei Xiaobei patted the dust on his hands and took Loki’s finger out of the storage ring.
Since these volcanic rock people are the mutated products after being radiated by Loki’s finger, Wei Xiaobei feels that as many as possible, so take advantage of this moment to radiate more. Maybe there will be something different on the island next time he comes here. Less volcanic rock people.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei sat down and began to adjust some of the previously set things in his mind.
Wei Xiaobei had made quite a few plans before, among which there were three key ones.
One is to use the Altar of Life to develop a production assembly line that can be used to produce drugs.
If he had put this plan in the past, Wei Xiaobei might have thought it was a delusion, but now Wei Xiaobei doesn’t think so.
In the eyes of Wei Xiaobei, who was used to playing with genetic maps, the so-called living thing was actually an extremely sophisticated biological machine.
/As long as its genes are adjusted and modified in place, it is possible to cultivate any living creature.
And if the production assembly line Zeng Wanshui needs can be cultivated, then the next few plans will be easier to launch.
For example, the biological battleship envisioned by Wei Xiaobei and so on.
These inspirations did not come out of thin air. The Zerg Leviathan is a kind of biological battleship.
In addition, Wei Xiaobei also has plans to use refining weapons to make warships and so on.
Of course, if possible, Wei Xiaobei would like to combine weapon refining with cultivating creatures to create more powerful cultivated creatures.
After all, methods like this were part of Wei Xiaobei’s combat strength.
If these plans are successful, Wei Xiaobei probably won’t have to worry about anything happening to Weijia Island in reality.
However, the meal must be eaten one bite at a time and the road must be walked step by step.
Before returning to Liusnia from the port city, the giant-eyed goldfish that Wei Xiaobei created was actually the prototype of a battleship.
However, due to the relative lack of relevant knowledge at the time, Wei Xiaobei spent a lot of materials and could only cult