long time.

To be precise, Lin Yuan has not yet recovered from the decision made by the Literary and Art Association.
Blue song club?
what is this?
After reacting for a while, Lin Yuan realized that this was a unique competition born from the soil of Blue Star!
This is clearly the Olympic Games!
The eight continents are equivalent to eight countries competing. The difference is that the participants are not athletes, but musicians!
Everyone else in the Yu Dynasty also received the news.
/The above will conduct an internal selection to select a group of people who are qualified to represent Qinzhou, and they will all undergo screening.
No one can resist.
This is not only a matter of winning glory for the continent, but also a matter of winning glory for ourselves.
Even if you are on the Blue Song Club stage, even if your grades are average, it is a qualification in itself.
The singers are eager to attend the Blue Song Festival, just like athletes are eager to attend the Blue Games.
“I should be joining the coaching staff.”
Lin Yuan answered Sun Yaohuo’s question, although this decision was helpless.
Why helpless?
Because Lin Yuan can completely participate in the competition as a player.
The coach cannot participate.
This is the rule.
He can only choose one of the two.
With Lin Yuan’s ability, if he becomes a singer, he is sure to win more than one gold medal for Qinzhou.
But in the end Lin Yuan still chose to be a coach.
Not only because being a coach is of strategic significance to the Qinzhou team, but also because of a rule of the Blue Song Club for players
The same player can only participate in four events at most.
After all, many singers are good at multiple types of music.
For example, Fei Yang.
He can sing the quietest ballads, the noisiest rock, the most popular pop, etc. well.
Such kings and queens of singers are not too much to say the least, and they are not too little to say the least. That’s why the above imposed such restrictions.
Lin Yuan felt that he was also restricted, and the restriction was the most severe.
None of the sword girls were cut so badly.
In this case, he might as well join the coaching staff. Anyway, the official recruitment also expressed this meaning.
As for the music arena?
This matter must be put aside.
The importance of the Blue Song Club lies there.
As a native of Qin, Lin Yuan has developed some regional sentiments in recent years.
Since he is from Qinzhou, of course he must contribute to Qinzhou music.
Because this is the concept of both prosperity and loss for music from all continents.
Qinzhou’s poor performance at the Blue Song Festival was a disgrace to the entire Qinzhou music circle, and no one was spared.
Lin Yuan naturally understands this kind of thing.
In a certain building.
As soon as Lin Yuan entered the door, he saw that the whole place was full of Qu dads. They were like cabbages on the street, and they were free of charge.
Yin Dong!
Zheng Jing!
Lu Sheng!
Yang Zhongming!
All Lin Yuan’s acquaintances