out the radiant new star technology and the light of civilization shining in the deep sky.

However, there was such an anomaly in the local area, as if there was a ghost land bordering the real world, and the things there sent shivers down his spine.
The world is becoming more and more mysterious, which makes him fearful. The immortals are coming back, and there seems to be something on the edge of the city in the real world.
Xinxing is far from being as pure as he imagined, and he hides a big secret!
He was in a trance, and there were several figures around him, all of them young people.
/“Xiao Zhong, give me a glass of wine.” Wang Xuan couldn’t help blurting out after he came to his senses and found Zhong Qing not far away, shaking the crystal wine glass with her delicate hands.
Qin Cheng and others also came.
Zhong Qing stared at him, actually calling her that in public!
“Old Wang, why are you sweating on your forehead?” Qin Cheng asked quickly, changing the topic.
“What’s the situation?” Zhou Yun asked.
“It’s nothing.” Wang Xuan didn’t dare to leave his body. Hanwu Mountain was too abnormal, and there was even something wrong with the entire new star.
He took a glass of wine from Qin Cheng. After drinking it, he calmed down and asked, “Has Xinxing ever unearthed anything extraordinary?”
“Probably not.” Zhou Yun shook his head.
“Yes, there are a few ruins, but not many.” Zhong Qing said.
Wang Xuan asked in detail. Unfortunately, Zhong Qing’s knowledge was limited. He only heard some things from Lao Zhong.
He stared at Hanmist Mountain for a long time, and finally left the roof and returned to the brightly lit hall.
On this night, people elsewhere were talking about Chaofan, mentioning Lao Chen and Wang Xuan.
“Among the martial arts, there are people who have really become so popular that they have taken that step to become a transcendent and come into contact with that field before our Qin family!” A middle-aged man was very unhappy.
The Qin family developed the Moonlight Bodhisattva, and the Fierce Sun Bodhisattva also reached a critical moment, but was stuck under the extraordinary state, and no matter how hard they tried, they failed.
“My son died on the new moon. There were many warriors there at that time, but no one dared to enter the moon crater to carry him out. What’s the use of being strong? But it can’t be used by me. Such unstable factors should be Eradicate it as soon as possible!”
The middle-aged man is Qin Hong, who once stirred up a lot of trouble on the new moon and bombarded the immortals with battleships!
Of course, there were deep-seated reasons behind it, and it was not his decision alone. Some chaebols also had that intention and wanted to test how strong the Immortals were and whether they could fight against him.
“Chen Yongjie is in the extraordinary realm. It would be great if his extraordinary blood could be obtained. If it is given to the laboratory for analysis, it will surely bring about the birth of the Fierce Sun Bodhisattva of my Qin family!”
Qin Hong walked aro