ust drink the soup you stewed with so much care.” Liu Changan raised his hand again. bowl.

“Crazy!” Jin Hou resisted the urge to give Liu Changan a slap in the face and left. After all, Liu Changan was tall and powerful. There was no need for Jin Hou to fight with him. It would be safe to go back and find someone to teach him a lesson. He did this She has a delicate body and expensive flesh, but if her skin gets scratched later, her mother will feel distressed just looking at her.
Liu Changan reached out and grabbed Jin Hou, pinched his cheek, and poured the steaming soup into Jin Hou’s mouth.
/Is there something wrong with these people’s brains? Liu Changan always talked to them politely and repeatedly asked them to agree to his conditions, but they always refused to cooperate.
Jin Hou only felt that the hot soup was scalding his entire mouth. He struggled wildly, but it only made his cheeks and neck painful. Liu Changan controlled him like he was holding an ant.
“Don’t let it go to waste.” Liu Changan carefully poured the soup for Jin Hou, fearing that he would miss a little. The red-mouthed isinglass was actually not cheap, much more expensive than the fish maw that Liu Changan ordered when eating hot pot.
After finishing a large bowl of soup, Liu Changan threw Jin Hou on the ground. Jin Hou felt that his entire throat, esophagus and stomach were burned and uncomfortable, but fortunately, even the insulated lunch box was not at the same temperature as when the fire was just turned off. After feeling uncomfortable for a while, you won’t really get burned.
It’s just that this Liu Chang’an is almost infinitely powerful. Jin Hou secretly regretted it. Others have also mentioned that An Nuan’s boyfriend seems to be very difficult to deal with. But Jin Hou’s own father is the principal, so how can he take the students of Hunan University seriously? ?
Jin Hou pressed the ground and was about to get up, but Liu Changan lifted his leg and stepped on it. Jin Hou was horrified to find that Liu Changan actually broke the ceramic bowl into pieces, and then crushed the pieces into crumbs in his palms.
“Eat even the bowl.” Jin Hou remembered what he said and looked at Liu Changan with trembling teeth, “What do you want to do?”
“Don’t you say you want to eat the whole bowl? I suspect that you have a normal mouth and it may be difficult to chew the bowl directly, so I will grind it into powder for you first.” Liu Changan showed a gentle smile, “Am I considerate?”
“You he”
Jin Hou tried his best to turn over, but Liu Changan pinched his cheek and sprinkled ceramic powder into his mouth.
“I’m such a kind person.”
Looking at Jin Hou’s fleeing back, Liu Changan felt a little emotional, because he didn’t crush all the ceramic bowl and feed it to Jin Hou, nor did he take a bottle of water to rush the powder into Jin Hou’s stomach.
Thinking that Jin Hou will probably not use the trick of making soup to harass other people’s girlfriends in the future, Liu Changan comforted him. When chasing girls, he should be more or